Fancy: Fashion Icon Spotlight-Naomi Campbell


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Fancy: Designer Blueprint

It is always a pleasure to see young entrepreneurs make it in the fashion world. More importantly, it is necessary to be nice to everyone you meet. I met this young lady back in my school days and I am loving to see her win! Her name is Shamirra Clark and she is the creative force behind Richie Clark Clothing, a youthful and modern line for women everywhere. This year her line was featured in Little Rock Fashion Week. As with any fashion week in any city, it is always a big deal. I had the honor of interviewing the artistic Ms. Shamirra, to find out how she made her fashion dreams a reality.

Jenne': Fashion has always been really interesting to me. I love shoes, it’s my trademark. I love your line too. When did you become passionate about fashion?

Shamirra: I would say I have always been into fashion. Growing up my mom would let me dress myself and I loved creating looks for myself from a really young age. My cousin told me I used to dress like Cyndi Lauper lol. I became passionate about making it my career , four years ago when my aunt died. Growing up I wanted to be a fashion designer but people would say you can end up broke and it’s really hard to make it so I looked for alternative routes. When she died, it made me think about time and life, there is so much uncertainty in this life regardless of what you do. Time isn’t promised to us. I want to go for it and follow my heart.

Jenne': That’s great to hear that you never gave up. Sometimes our greatest triumph comes out of our tragedies. The best part is knowing that you didn’t let what others said deter you from your path. Cyndi Lauper had a very unique and colorful expression with her outfits. Loved her looks. With clothes I know it’s all about quality more than anything. What do you believe makes a quality article of clothing?

Shamirra: A quality garment comes from the construction and fabric, I’ve learned that the combination of the two makes magic!

Jenne': Magic is key when you are creating. I would imagine that you incorporate your own style into your line. How would you define your personal style?

Shamirra: My personal style is fun, bold, chic, and fearless. I love trying trends but I know what works for me as far as my body type. You have to play with fashion and enjoy it!

Jenne': Yesssss, playing with fashion is how you get the best looks. It is the reason I am late sometimes and the reason I wake up early. What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?

Shamirra: I would tell aspiring designers to follow your inspirations. Those random thoughts and day dreams are the sparks of creativity you should run with. Pay attention to your finances because it can be expensive being an independent designer. Keep believing in yourself and don’t let difficulties discourage you. Things happen for you, not to you.

Jenne': Fashion week is such a fun time but I know it can be quite stressful. The pressure can definitely wear you out. Looking back at all your hard work can be a great motivator. What are some of your accomplishments as a designer?

Shamirra: This whole ride would my accomplishment as a designer and not giving up. I’m not where I want to be but my progress has been beautiful and I am so grateful for the opportunity to live my dreams. There was a time when doing shows and making a collection was so abstract in my mind. Now it’s my normal. I’m working now to get my work in stores and expanding my market.


Jenne': I wish you the best on your journey and all your fashion endeavors. Thank you so much for your time girl!

Shamirra: Thank you soo much for this opportunity and your patience!

Recognizing your strengths in this game is what makes you a winner. The blueprint for Ms. Clark is to “Never give up!” I am definitely inspired by her story and hoping to be able to work with her on more ventures in the future. As always ladies, stay Fancy and check out Richie Clark Clothing at

Notes for article: The third picture is of the designer Shamirra Clark. The first two photos are courtesy of

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Jenne’ Richardson is from Little Rock, Arkansas but enjoys fashion from all over the world. She enjoys making fashion statements with her eclectic pieces and is always changing her hairstyles. All of her friends consider her the go-to guru when it comes to putting a look together. Jenne’ considers herself to be a fashionologist, because she believes fashion represents your personality. As a Psychology major from Philander Smith College, Jenne’ likes to explore what fashion does to the soul. Her motto is: “Style always gives the first impression”. Follow Jenne via Twitter @Shoeicide25.

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WCW Kasturba Ghandi

Kasturba_GandhiWCW Kasturba Ghandi

When I came up with the concept of doing a the World Changing Women I did it for selfish reasons. I wrote a sprawling love letter to a musician that was tailor made for her because it encompassed song titles and lyrics written and or performed by her. I was in fact, showing off. Like it to Whitney Houston doing an unnecessary run because she could, and no one else could do it quite that way, and most certainly not better. Any man can write you a love letter, even if he’s not in love with you. If he’s ever been in love, he can simply put those thoughts to paper and present it and you’ll love it and never know it wasn’t meant for you. So as all of our female readers are pursing their lips up and about to roll your eyes… Your man gives you a card on your birthday and or Valentine’s day and you love it, and those aren’t written by him.

It takes a special woman to evoke such thoughts and feelings in a man, and as the old adage goes, “Behind every great man, stands a strong woman.” Ladies, please note the verbiage; stands, not squats, nor lies, nor crawls, nor kneels, but she stands. It’s a small verb but very important one especially given our trials of these times. I am a writer, but I am also a teacher and since our readers are young you need to be taught things they no longer teach you in school. Women who stood in the shadows of their husbands, and their husbands casted the biggest shadows the world has ever seen…

For me, the ultimate wife is Kasturba Gandhi. This is a woman who married at 13yrs of age, and quietly and unassumingly stood behind the most famous pacifist since Christ walked the earth. Born 11, April 1869 little is known about her upbringing. Those days a woman’s job was to stay home and raise the children. I am sure that she fully expected that to be her life. Mahatma Gandhi was Indian, educated at the best schools and eventually became a successful lawyer. Gandhi’s work would take him to apartheid S. Africa and Kasturba would soon follow.


While in S. Africa Gandhi sought equal treatment for Indians and blacks in S. Africa actions that would see him imprisoned. Kasturba often spoke in place of Mahatma while he was imprisoned. Once Gandhi achieved success in S. Africa, he returned home to India, via third class! Can you imagine giving up your cushy lifestyle that included servants and chamber maids for a life of poverty? Not because you lost your ability to work but because that was the path that your partner chose? Unprecedented sacrifice and valor, and the perfect example for one Coretta Scott King. Gandhi is considered the father of India (and Pakistan) and therefore Kasturba is the mother. She was a tiny figure like that of her husband, but you cannot measure the spirit of a person.

Martin Luther King Jr. followed the teachings of Gandhi in the aspect of civil disobedience and non violence. I am certain that when Coretta decided to marry King, she had no idea that she would be seen as the mother of civil rights in the United States. The struggle, the lifestyle and sacrifices these women made are beyond what anyone could’ve accepted. Coretta Scott, also born in April, married a man who at the time of their nuptials believed they were headed to a happy and relatively quiet life. Coretta could not know that she was going to married to a man that changed the world.


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