Age is nothing but a number!

Age is nothing but a number! Own it, believe it, and live it! Let’s be real, everybody has talked to someone a couple years older or younger than yourself. However, it seems people are dating up to 20+ years older or 17 years younger. It makes me think… What is really going on? Nothing at all. People are tired of people there age mistreating them, abusing them, and playing unnecessary games. It’s like… what’s really going on? Men are looking for women to balance them out… I do not think they want to play those high school phone tag games, or wrestle for time while you crusade with everyone but them. Women do not want to be left or kept inside of their homes it doesn’t work that way! Personally, age means nothing when happiness, value, and self worth is in play. As long as people continue to be happy with self they will continue to be happy with others. Read more here:



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