“Lifted Thoughts”

I want to blog about real life experiences so it seems that this is my
first Lifted Thoughts. These thoughts are what people really need to know!
All Lifted Thoughts will be as true as they can be so be aware I’m not
being nice I’m being real!

1. Beautiful women: everybody does not want to you! Yes you’re gorgeous but
that doesn’t mean everybody and they mama and daddy want you! Humble
yourself and uplift yourself; do not keep being rude to people who think
you are beautiful. Say thank you and keep it moving being Humble! We as
women choose to miss out on good things because we are not humble. We are cold and we do not smile and its unattractive women; become something do not be because people call you the truth!

2. Everybody live life the way you want to live. I mean follow your dreams
and pray to whoever you pray to; believe in the plan God has for your life.
We walk around here so negative and some positivity into your day! The shit
is quite sad sorry to say.

3. This is a long rant but just smile. These  Lifted Thoughts are basically
have I truly feel at this moment. Life is too short and too amazing to
waste on negative bullshit! So listen up players get your mind right!


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