A Respect Thing

Love comes first
Respect is next
Loyalty is third

Relationships need these things & when someone blatantly says “fuck it” than its basically “F” you! Correct the issue when it occurs… people let things slide out of  love and adoration for that person… but that gives your mate time to adjust and disrespect you again or be disloyal to you once more…

Love is like a warm apple pie
Every time your mate does something bad to you the pieces disappear
First the crust, crumb by crumb
Then bigger issues are the edge of the pie not the crust but the edges
If your lover cheats or lies he or she takes a slice but once they take the first slice there’s no stopping them because the pie taste so gooooood. When there’s nothing but a few slices left you are the one crying or depressed or… you give up

BUT… if you correct the issues wayyyy in the beginning things may be wayyyyy different… they will gain boundaries and know limits… It’s NOT a control thing its a respect thing!


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