Create the best YOU

It’s 2012 and there are still a bunch of *shitty* people out here… Let’s just say this:

It is time to step up and become the best you because that’s what really counts… Not the money you make, but the genuine person you are. Grace the world with a presence of someone who is WORTH being around and talking too. Grace the world with a smile, a tear, a real REFLECTION of who you are and if you aren’t there yet try DAMN hard to reach that level. It is time to take responsibility for who you really are: the bitch, the slut, the cheater, the artist, the writer, the mother, the singer, the pastor, the first lady, the god mother… whoever you are… BE YOU to the FULLEST capacity.

This post isn’t very long but it’s the realest shit I’ve ever wrote. Often times we are hiding behind something that we’re not or something we want to be when God made us to be individually excellent. I curse A LOT, I cry A LOT, I read, I sin, but one thing I can say is that I love God and I accept him for who he is and who he made me to be… If you’re not a believer… Hey, that’s your lost but this is REAL… Be the best DAMN you there is to be… and make sure that it’s good enough for YOU.

Buenos Noches mis amores!


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