Marta Chronicles


I absolutely hate riding Marta! They are creepers everywhere And people randomly dance and sing! I guess there’s nothing else to say but welcome to Atlanta! Sitting there in that dirty seat of mine I witnessed crazy people and sites But I had on headphones to save me from the debauchery bafoonery!

Everybody that rides Marta knows the crazy break dancing man and the blind lady who needs a dollar. We know the man wearing Jordans but asking for our change and the philosophical seat mate! The lady with the crying baby and the lady complaining about the crying baby and then there’s you…. with your head phones on and your music full blast hoping to get home fast! Welcome to Atlanta!

These are the normal things on Marta… This is what we have become accustomed to…  Who r we 2 judge? We will 1 day be the person bobbing our heads N never recognizing the crazy things Going on around us… because it will be our home… it may not be perfect or clean but it is home… welcome to Atlanta… welcome to Marta!


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