“Lifted Thoughts” The Best You there is to be!

Don’t open your mouth to repeat the quote of another man rather create a quote of your own

Do not try and imitate a portrait of another artist when your hands are capable of it painting your own portrait

Do not sing the notes of a great past time singer rather sing the notes the way you know how

The point of this is to say… Be the best you there is to be…

Don’t walk around as if you have nothing to give the world but think of how you will enhance the world

If you don’t believe in the best you then why would we?

It is time to take ownership of the very essence and epidermis of you

Stop trying to be carbon copies and become originals

Be the best dancer, teacher, poet, stripper, kroger basket pushing worker, Marta police, ballerina, stepper, banker, mother, sister, granddaughter, god mother, human being possible. God gave every last one of us three things to make us the best us possible.

  • Favor
  • Power
  • Purpose

Use yourself wisely. Act accordingly. Thrive pleasantly. Pray promptly. God is love. PeaceImage


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