Change your Preference

It seems that women are constantly saying that they can’t find a good man… I have a theory about this:

MAYBE it’s not the MEN that sooo awful, MAYBE It’s your dating choice. Don’t get me wrong they may be awful, but it’s on you to stop dating the same BREED of man. We have a choice with all the things we choose to do with our life and there’s no exceptional when it comes to relationships.

It would be smart to talk to the person that’s really sweet and not a thug if you’re usual choice is THUGS. It would be smart for you to leave the mentality of being the primary provider so you won’t continue to have a man take advantage of your situation and suck you dry. I am woman and I get tired of hearing the same complaints especially when  they come from well-rounded, educated, and loving women. 

Sometimes we make excuses for the foolishness we deal with when it wouldn’t be the way it is if WE took the initiative to CHANGE the things that are happening in OUR life. We can continue to overlook those issues and end up with black eyes, debt, low checking accounts, and deadbeat fathers. A man will love a woman who loves herself enough to demand standards. 

He wants a woman that is smart, goal-oriented, sexually amazing, submissive who asks him to open her doors, pull out her chair, and to help her with anything she needs even if he won’t admit it. If he doesn’t want those things than he’s not ready to be anybody’s man. 

But it’s time to be honest as a woman and as a person who thought to speak those words at least one time in my own life. I had to change my preferences. I had to raise my standards. Not a long ass list like Singer Chilli, but as a woman who demands respect, loyalty, and communication. It hasn’t always been like that; it used to be about looks, always brains, but it wasn’t about the future it was bout the moment… 

As you grow and you change so should your preferences, but if you stuck in your high school ways than of course you won’t ever find a “good man.”


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