Women who argue over men -_-

Ladies, it’s time to be R E A L clear about a couple of things. As women, we have a certain amount of responsibilities to uphold and in my mind and every mind that has sense (no offense) women should be the best representation of class, education, and regality. Do you really expect to live up to that when you are constantly letting people take you out of character?

ATTENTION: Arguing with the women your “man” is dealing with under ANY circumstance is classless, tasteless, and plainly stupid as hell. These women may have some of the truth but why the hell would they tell you the complete truth? You are just a woman in between the man they think they have… It’s amazing to me that women argue with other women. Instead of speaking with the man we decide we want to battle for this man but the bigger question is… Why are we battling for a man that clearly has interests in another woman? Women have the story all effed up if you ask me.
In relationships, we are supposed to love and cherish who we are with but never in the contract of love does it say be boo-boo the damn fool for a person who mistreats you, lies to you, cheats on you and has blatant disregard for your feelings and well-being. Hey, that’s just me talking or thinking out loud. Women nowadays have forgotten their worth. They have forgotten that their worth is something they need to cherish.

What are our mothers and fathers teaching us? Because the value of women seem to be depreciating as if we are cars or something and it’s no one’s fault but our own. We need to step up and realize that our vaginas are not the only thing we are good for and so fighting for a man that obviously enjoys multiple vaginas is senseless and makes you look a special kind of dumb ass. I know you love those strong, tall, hardworking, dependable, great, no job having, lying, manipulating, couch potato, no bill paying, family oriented men right? Once you know who YOU are though than YOU will figure out that your situation could be changed with a change of your mindset. Every man is not the man for you. Every good looking man with okay credentials aren’t for you.

These girls you argue with are sitting behind computer screens and phone screens laughing at you and you are somewhere mad as hell, cursing and texting the man YOU love and then believing one of the people involved. Does this make sense? HELL TO THE NO! You need to let his ass go and pray for them both. Because you know what you were dealing with and she doesn’t really know. It’s a mess that you need to walk away from because all everyone else is doing while you’re going at is laughing or if you know me I’m mad as hell that you have stooped that low and slumped into your feelings that you let the world know how shitty your man is and how weak you are to argue like two fifth grade girls. UGH. I hate when women have cat fights over a M A N.



5 thoughts on “Women who argue over men -_-

  1. I totally agree with this article. Ladies we do seem to get out of character sometimes because we get so angry, but we always have to think to ourselves and say what is this going to prove? Nothing what so ever…but Jasmine keep up the great work chic you are doing a wonderful job!!!!

  2. This article was the bomb. I had a mentor in middle school who told us girls on the drill team, if you have to fight for him, he isn’t yours or worth your time. I was lucky enough to have a mentor and a family of strong women to guide me in the ways of relationships and encouraged me to get my own instead of depending on a man.

    I have a wonderful husband that works hard, so do I, but I be damned if I ever let him treat me less than what I am. I am a catch. And all women should think that. Don’t lower your standards because you think you can’t find someone on your level. Men who want to play games only play them with women who let them.

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