The Chevron Guy

Okay, So I just want to tell a personal story about this guy that wanted to “date” me or at least said he was interested. I just want to tell you the story so that you can see how to handle certain situations in a certain way.

It was Mother’s Day and I was rather cute if I must say so myself. I had on a colorful dress, my make-up was on point and my hair was laid! I went inside of the Chevron on 124 and Stephenson Road to get some gas for my mommy so we can go and see The Avengers and have a great steak! While in line there is a guy talking to the cashier he had to step out of line and get something else from the back but he saw me when he turned. He made this big scene and came up to me and he asked me, “Where is your man gorgeous?” I smiled at the corny line and replied, “I don’t have one.” From there we exchanged numbers.

I went to dinner and then the movies with my mommy and headed home. I fell asleep like ten and then the next day came. I got dressed for the doctor’s appointment I had when my phone rang… skipping through the doctor’s appointment… I decided to meet up with my new associate that called me gorgeous. When I got to the location I should have ran immediately seeing that he was high at ten in the morning but I was trying to be nice. So by now conversation is starting and he tells me his name is Israel and he’s an audio engineer who just finished a Jordan commercial and that he works for Patch Work Studio with two cars, his own apt, and he’s moving into his own house in August. Sounded good but the entire time I’m in front of him he has his hands on my legs.. uh sir, I don’t know you. I smack his hand, “don’t touch me.”

“Because I don’t know you.” I responded. I don’t like to be touched by strangers. He called himself trying to kiss me, to hug me, to touch me, he even took his penis out and tried to “finesse” me… I had to really go off because I am NOT A PROMISCUOUS woman and I HAVE RULES AND REGULATIONS to my body unlike other women he must have met. Eventually, He got tired of me turning him down, “accidentally” smacking the shit out of him and he became sooooo sleepy because he had to “work”. He walked me to the door and then I was gone.

My flaws:
1. I should have never met with him at his house.
2. I should have never accepted him being high as hell in the morning
3. I should have walked out when he first touched my thigh

His flaws:
1. Thinking he was going to get some
2. Thinking I was going to fall for the bull he was saying
3. Thinking he was going to take his penis out and it was going to go inside of ME (WTH?)
4. Having that much confidence in his self

My standards:
1. Not accepting a man to use me as a sex object
2. Not sleeping with a man I just met
3. Not even looking at his penis but rather cursing his ass out
4. Deciding to never call or text him

These choices I made I guess turned him off because I haven’t heard from him since Last Monday and I am find with that. I don’t give a shit either. I am a woman with class, standards, and I KNOW MY DAMN WORTH. If I can’t date him because I don’t exploit myself than fine by me.



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