Can you turn a ho into a housewife?

The biggest issue today is women without standards in my opinion. There is a shortage of women that stand up and say “No” to things they do not agree with. Sex isn’t everything people and the first time you can really take a step back and admit that things will get better. Some women are going out into the world with no inhibition, which isn’t that bad, but women need to realize that they have vaginas not penises.

The question always comes up, can you turn a ho into a housewife? Can you take a woman who acts like a dude sexually and emotionally (yes, acts because she does have some feelings toward someone and something) and make her into the ‘girl next door’? I mean realistically you can honestly spark a change in anyone just by showing them that you are a great person, but is it worth it? I personally don’t enjoy labeling people with stigmas based off of their actions like a slut, ho, or a bitch because sometimes I may act as one of those stigmas (mostly the b-word). But there is a shortage of marriage in the black community and it could be because we have these “hoes” out here heart-broken. Hoes by the way are men and women if you didn’t know.

I personally think that it will be very hard to change a person who is sexually liberated to the point of no return because they are constantly going to remain in a state of hopping and skipping to the next person because of some unresolved issues in my opinion. As a community, we have got to shape the hell up. We have got to put standards around our lives whether it be work standards or relationship standards. We have too many young mothers and not enough fathers. We have too many single fathers with mothers who don’t want to take care of their children. We have too many people with children out-of-wedlock and we criticize people who get married too soon. What the hell is wrong with us?

Can you change a ho into a housewife? The answer is hell no. Not because the person is a complete slut and wants sex every five minutes with ten different people. But mainly because if the person doesn’t desire to change they most likely won’t and if the person doesn’t have self-worth than hell no. if the person has no standards because they were raised without any it’s time to shake that condition. You can change a lost person into a found person though; that’s if you are willing to be the best you for them and yourself. But hey, most of YOU don’t have standards so does it matter?


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