Changing My lifestyle CHALLENGE

Hey guys!

This blog post is especially close to my heart because I am changing my lifestyle in order to change my health. I have always been a woman told “you’re pretty for a big girl” and I have always been a really confident woman once I realized that the people that have a problem with my weight were facially challenged and though I may have been “fat” I could change that and it is dammmnnn hard to change what your mama pushed out without paying for a new face…right? Right.

The diets that I try of course do not really work as fast as I need them and though I’m not going to expose my current weight (no, I’m not embarrassed) just yet I have visited a specialist that’s going to help me completely lose the weight I need too. My BMI is entirely toooooo high for my liking, I’m due for diabetes any day and honestly, I’m too cute to stick myself everyday (no offense to the ones born with it) but I shouldn’t get it because I have a LOVE AFFAIR with goooood food. Yes, a love affair.

If anyone wants to make this a team effort make sure to email me at to tell your story and we can do this together as a team! I would love to have alllll my dolls and gents participate for a new YOU! It’s NOT about weight loss though. It’s about changing your life. Meaning you  need to learn how to incorporate eating the rights foods, exercising, looking in the mirror and FALLING IN LOVE WITH everything about YOU. It’s about vitamins, water intake, doctor appointments and living life to the fullest. This challenge isn’t about people who want to start for two weeks and then gives up… Its about FIGHTERS.

Starting kit:

– Calendar (old school to pin to the wall)/ dry erase board

-Food journal

-Medicine holder with the days of the week (pic below)

-Hope and a Prayer


-A TEAM (Us and family/friends)

Remember you want to live and serve God with everything you have. Your temple needs to be cleansed. I don’t have a job yet so don’t think I have allllll the answers because Idon’t or the funds. Trust me we def will keep each other inspired.



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