Day 2- Lifestyle changes

Guys I am pooped but I definitely am soooooooo sore.

Today I did a “mile” workout… I basically did a mile& 200 yards through different exercises … I power walked 4 laps. Slow walked 1 lap after. I did leg lofts around the entire track twice. 100 lunges & finished with walking it off. I felt great… well, not really I felt P.A.I.N but its worth it.

Vitamins- Womens multivitamin and Biotin supplement.

Water intake: more than 1.25 liters of water.

Bf: 1/2 Publix mixed fruit bowl
Lunch: 1/2 turkey sub on wheat, other 1/2 fruit bowl, oats n honey granola bar
Dinner: PANERRRRRAAAA BREADDDD yum (pic @ bottom) 1/2 turkey panini, apple, cheddar broccoli soup n (choc cookie) 😦

Feeling: excellent now I need to add my 80 grams of protein! With muscle milk, greek yogurts, Ensure protein shakes and Protein whey!

How’d you do? Tweet me @JasTheeExaminer n look for more pics on my Instagram: Prettygirlwbrains



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