Jas. Unique. Uniquely Luxurious

I’m a lover. Fighter. Dreamer. Believer. Lover. Artist. Singer. Writer. Woman. Where art my match?

Lover. I am a lover of life, a woman of substance… a smile before pain, admirer of loves abundance. Air fills my lungs, tears my eyes, joy in cheeks … a lover who seeks… a woman who speaks

Fighter. I raise my fist at trouble that lurks, fear to run away from issues that hunt, I refuse to coexist as life’s punching bag or involuntary runt. I will fight for men who battle against the odds and seek my hand. For a creature who clearly stands with love as my man

Dreamer. I often close my eyes and dream of what I am to be. Dream if what the world has laid out for me. Dreamt of someone’s heart that beat at the same time as mine and dream of a love that allows me to live on cloud nine… a love thats nobody else’s… thats all of mine

Believer. I believe in her. The woman I am to be. The woman in the mirror looking back at me… believer of life and dreams … a believer in humanity

Lover. I am a lover.

Artist. Singer. I create the image I care to love. Allow melodious messages escape my broken heart and elevate the essence I care to to share. My artistry is through my heart to my hand gliding off my lips… my audience hold onto my message as if I were warm coffee and they always. Take. A. Sip

Writer. I simply empty my mind, body, spirit on to any outlet I can. Leaving my soul on the sheet. Tablet. Journal. Page. World.


“Love, peace& poetry…1”


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