Hey y’all! I have been eating so great this weekend and fattening. Oh yes, and my mother gave us a great Sunday dinner.




Lunch- Beef patty and Coco bread with 32 oz Slushy from QT

Snacks- beef patty  and 1 strawberry shortcake ice cream

Exercise- Insanity



Bf- O

Lunch- Turkey sub, baby carrots, and sour cream chips

Dinner- Tuna salad with macaroni with Lays potato chips

Snacks- 1/2 Magnum bar



Bf: baby carrots

Lunch-1 square of pizza

Dinner- Baked chicken thighs, cabbage, 1 biscuit, and 1 cup of rice

Snack- 1 snicker


This was a BADDDD weekend… But I am 11lbs down people! Keep up your good work…. How did you go?


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