She’s Just Not That Into You!

I watched the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You” and felt like the things that were shown in the movie were kind of right. People need to read body language and stop being hung up on what people SAY because their actions will definitely clarify some things for you. It’s funny because I think SOMETIMES men believe that women are falling for them, but in reality women may just be trying to be nice.

Women don’t want an egotistical, talk too loud about accomplishments, can’t show out in the bedroom, uneducated “pimp daddy”. Honestly, it’s a turn off. Women want a guy who has enough attitude that shows her and the world that he’s “the man”, can speak intelligently, protects, provides and shows he has purpose in and for his life. A man who pleases her in the bedroom and she needs a guy who occasionally gets on her DAMN NERVES. Why? Because it’s no fun always being serious; cute fights are okay and disagreements mean that it may be two opposites balancing each other out.

So when those points I mentioned above are not on point… She will lose interests in you … she just won’t show it as much because she wants to be cordial and nice about the situation. But I will let you know some signs she’s not feeling it anymore.

1. The text messages are less frequent. Women LOVE to text (not all, but a lot of us love it) and so if she’s not texting you… she may be fallig off this “Like Train”.

2. There are no calls. More than text messages women will talk you to death because we want so much COMMUNICATION and so if she’s not calling at ALL or only once or a twice a week… Yeah, you lost her.

3. If she doesn’t invite you to hang out with her best friends… she’s not interested because she doesn’t want her friends to meet you. Best friends soooo matter.

4. Refuses to invite you to her house (if she lives alone) than yep, you effed this up.

5. Boring one-word text messages or slow phone conversations. It’s done because she has nothing else to say to you. STEP IT UP.


These are my tips for you who are lacking in the love department!


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