Monday-Thursday Week 3

Hey y’all. I have been workinggggg it out with my team! I finally named my team and the name of the team is Team YOFO. Team YOFO stands You Only Fat Once! It’s a cute and catchy little name that we scream out after we workout and just as a joke to laugh at ourselves for sweating so much. But my week was as follows:


BF: Special K protein shake- vanilla

Lunch: Tuna sandwich on wheat and mandarine oranges

Dinner: Cube steak with homemade gravy. egg noodles, and spinach

Snacks: Strawberry cereal bar and low cal gatorade

Exercise: 56 minutes of Insanity, 320 crunches, leg raises, kickbacks, hydrants, and weights


Bf: Pineapple tidbits

Lunch: Ham n cheese hot pocket

Dinner: 4 baked wing dings, long grain rice, green beans canned

Snacks: Trail mix

Exercise: 41 Insanity, 60 more cardio (Xbox adventures)


Bf: Ham and cheese hot pocket

lunch: turkey roll up with a wheat tortilla and vanilla sandwich cookie

Dinner: nachos with jalapenos and black beans

Snack: Strawberry cereal bar

Reid gold pretzels

Exercise: No exercise


BF: Whole wheat waffle with lite syrup

Lunch: Tuna salad sandwich and baked Cheetos

Dinner: 5 chicken fingers and 15 crinkle cut fries

Snacks: Homemade rice crispy treats, mini pretzels, frosted cheerios half of a small box

Exercise: 30 mins elliptical and 30 mins swimming


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