Monday-Thursday lifestyle changes

Hey guys! It’s been a week since I last blogged about my weight loss and dieting, but that’s because I fell off my darn self worrying about everything but the right thing. Ugh… I fell off but I’m back at it so this just shows you that I am human and can potentially have to start over again. I am now 18 pounds down so yayyyyyyy me an my grinding. In my demise, I didn’t eat very awful but I did slack on my exercise because my knee was literally soooo sore and my best friends computer was messed up so no Insanity, but we are back on Zumba until further notice.

Monday: I slacked off again because of lack of money so I didn’t even completely log what I ate so sad face to that.


bf: no bf

Lunch: chicken nuggets (10 piece), side salad with ranch dressing and coke zero

Dinner: Baked tilapia, mixed veggies, shrimp and brown rice.

Snack: Strawberry cereal bar

90 minutes of Zumba (full class)


Bf: Frosted flakes with skim milk

Lunch: Whole grain ham and cheese lean pocket

little debbie mini muffins

Dinner: Morning star prime veggie burger on whole wheat slim bun with cheese

lite pringles and pineapples

Snack: Grilled chicken sandwich from Chik-fil-a


Bf: Bagel flat with 100 cal cream cheese

Lunch: cuban chicken on Ciabatta bread

potato chips, brocolli and cheese soup and half of Chocolate walnut cookie

sweet ice green tea

Snack: Apple crisp granola bar

80 minutes of Zumba


So as you can see… it’s been a rough week but I am trying to get it in! I know that I can be my only set back so if you struggle pick it back up where u left off. Love, peace, and poetry…1


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