The Football Crush short story

Tonight, I wanted to feature one of my short stories I wrote. I am a writer in every sense of the word and so I have no filter when it comes to sexuality, love, lust, violence, cursing, and anything else you can think of. Please comment on my story and let me know if you would like to read more of the story. It is a part of a series of shorts I have written.

The Football Crush

               His face was buried inside of Chante’s sweet peach as he was slurping away as he promised on their video chat date. Chanté bucked and thrust her hips as Kevon feasted on her intensely without remorse lapping her up each droplet that fell upon his lips. The duos bodies fought for an elite but Kevon’s tongue and mouth made Chanté cry out in pleasure until she clasped her thigh tight instantly stopping Kevon’s in his track.

“Yo’ Chanté you wil’in.”

“All is fair in lust and fuckin’.” Chanté joked and clamped her legs tighter around his head again. Kevon jokingly nibbled on her labia then sucked them until Chanté let him go. She placed her hands around both of his ears and pulled him up to her lips where she licked his lips a full 360 degrees completely tasting herself and loving it.

“Damn, I taste good.” Chanté smirked. Kevon ignored her comment as he spread her thighs and pressed his nine and a half inches in Chanté. All the fuckin’ and sweatin’ came from a thirty minute video chat with an old high school crush, a blunt of the finest ganja in East Atlanta, and some good ole Maxwell. Chanté wasn’t much of a one night stand girl but something had to give. Her body was feigning for some country boy dick and Kevon kept his word. The thirty minutes of chatting was ten minutes of false concern  about what had happen and what was happening as life was going on for both and the last twenty minutes were focused on intentions and future orgasms. Kevon admitted to wanting her back in the day and was willing to try her now. She dreamed and masturbated to Kevon a lot in the privacy of her queen size bed while her mother worked those late nights she would never forget. The nights when she would cook, clean, eat, study, and then talk to her best friend Faith about Kevon.

Kevon had been the football player with the big heart, good grades, and the three year relationship with Elle. The only time Chanté and Kevon spoke was in their Algebra class because she couldn’t understand all the material. But in high school none of that shit mattered to Chanté because she crushed on Kevon and wanted him to be hers. At twenty-three, all the shyness, what-ifs, and I should have said somethings were out of the way and she wanted what she had fantasized about her entire sophomore year.  Her thoughts were clouded as Kevon held her tight around her waist lifting her from the bed and pounding her in the air. Both bodies on fire, both hips aching, and both releasing the pint up energy that bought them together until Chanté exploded all over Kevon without remorse.

“I should’ve been fuckin’ you.” Kevon said trying to catch his breath Chanté shook her head in agreement.  All the years of wanting had her on edge; her body tingled and her mouth was dry. The two made it to the bed, pulled each other up and embraced the cool air coming through the vents. Kevon’s chest heaved in and out as he snored lightly after his work and Chanté used that time to find her Maxi dress, bra, and knowingly left her thong on the carpet as a souvenir for her high school crush. His penis rested on his bare thigh as Kevon displayed complete relaxation and Chanté smiled at the thought of the whole night. She dug in her purse, pulled out a pen, and then wrote a small note before leaving it on a pillow and silently leaving his home.

The air was cool giving her life. Her one night stand was life. Kevon woke up fifteen minutes later to find a note on his pillow that read: All is fair in one night stands too.


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