The Marta Train

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The Marta Train

By: Jasmine Jackson

The sun seemed to attack Aurora as she walked through downtown Atlanta to catch the Marta. Her gray business skirt cuddled her fat ass nicely, her white camisole hugged her tight stomach perfectly, and her heels gave her the extra three inches she wanted for her big presentation.  Aurora let her headphones block out all the useless men chatter as she walked pass The Underground. She grew up smack dab in the middle of Atlanta and knew all too well that walking without her music would surely irritate her more than she already was. Without missing a beat, she pulled out the blue Marta card, tapped in, and walked to the East bound platform.

As she rested her back against a wall on the platform she spotted him like she always did. He had to be 6’4 she assumed with a bald head and a dark goatee. She watched out of the side of her eye as he smiled from whatever his friend was saying. He didn’t look like the stuck up men from her job with their suits and brief cases or the uneducated men from the blocks that sweat her hard on a daily basis. Aurora eyes examined his face, white teeth, and moved down to his broad shoulders and tight fitting wifebeater. The sun had been beating on him as well as sweat seemed to dance down his neck driving Aurora’s eyes to follow each muscular cut in his arm and down his stomach to his blue work Dickie’s that fit loosely on him. After completely examining the man, she found herself biting her lip. Her clit began pulsating in her lace boy shorts something that rarely happened from staring at a man she had never formally met.  When her eyes scaled back up to his face he stood alone and smiled at her without breaking eye contact once until the train flew past. Both of them walked onto the crowded train to find no seat but only the small space by the door to the other train car and the unattended control room train riders were prohibited from.

His lips moved as the two stood face to face for the very first time in the two months she had been interested.

“What did you say?” she pulled one of her earphones out of her ear.

“I said what’s up gorgeous?” He smiled as he rubbed his hands together calmly.

“Oh nothing just tired.” Her pussy ached from the sound of his deep voice.

“Take your earphones out and talk to me then,” Without hesitating she pulled the other earphone out and paused her music.  “Thank you. Now what’s your name?”

“Aurora. You?”

“Trey.” The train stopped letting on more people. Aurora stepped into the control room and Trey followed her. Her wetness now reached her panties and she could feel it. Her nipples hit her camisole alerting Trey; he smiled then ran his fingers over them softly. She didn’t stop him either. For two months she had been watching him and hoping he would one day notice her. He lay back on the open wall and pulled her closer to him slipping his arm around her waist.

“Every day you get on this train smelling good, looking good, and a nigga notices it every time. You get on, put your bun up in that tight bun, and lay back watching me.” Trey said in her ear running his hands over her ass slowly.

“I’m usually tired and ready to go home.” She responded completely ignoring his hands.

“What do you do when you get home?” he inquired.

“Work out, cook, shower, and then I’m off to bed.” She responded.

“You usually stressed out too?” He questioned her again.

“Yep.” She answered.

“What you need is somebody to come and dick you down. I mean someone to knock some of that stress out of you.” Aurora didn’t speak. She realized that this was a complete stranger touching and feeling on her without her objection. She pulled up from him and gained her composure back.

“Nah baby. Don’t pull away now. See, I know you’re not one of those chicks that want the dick so bad that she lets her pussy get so wet but ignore the urge to act on it.” She didn’t respond to that but got highly offended.

“I am not a chick that meets a nigga on a train and lets him fuck her. Period, point, blank.” She rolled her eyes.

“The problem is those heels are too high hurting your feet. That bun is too tight. You panties are still on and you want to maintain that good girl image. Is that right?” He smiled and grabbed her wrist pulling her close again. Aurora didn’t pull away.

“It’s okay. Don’t answer baby.” He ran his hands down her long legs as he squatted and lifted her feet taking off her heels. His hands ran back up her legs and onto her bare ass then up her body before pulling out her hair from the bun then smiled as her eighteen inches kissed her shoulders.

“Feel better? I know you do.” She did and he knew it. She gave him a look over again then landed on the imprint that seemed to be trying to escape from his pants. She wanted him to fuck her in that train car in front of whoever wanted to watch. It had been a long life of doing what she thought was right and she was ready to do whatever made her feel wrong. She began to shake from nervousness, but she pressed her lips on Trey’s savoring the taste of his lips. Soft and fat she said to herself as she kissed him. Trey pushed her onto the control desk roughing their kiss and she didn’t stop him.

“I do.” She whispered between the kisses.

“You do what?” he smiled.

“Want you to fuck me. Right here. Right now.” She said. Aurora didn’t know who said it even though she felt her lips moving.  Trey turned her around lifting her skirt slowly rubbing her caramel ass then trailing her labia through her underwear. Aurora wanted him to rip her panties off and stimulate the aching pain she had in her pussy for him. His finger slipped inside of her finally Aurora gripped his fingers tightly making him harder than previous.

“Damn, it’s like that?” He commented. She didn’t answer as he played with her clit until he zipped and pulled down his pants slightly. Trey slid the control door closed, swiped the Vicky Secrets the side then rammed himself into her as hard as he could. Aurora forgot where she was and slightly screamed before he placed his fingers in her mouth. She let out a deep breath and arched her back to receive what she wanted from Trey.  Trey handled her accordingly pumping, breathing, and smiling that he was finally breaking down the good girl he had been watching for two months. Aurora flipped her head back in pleasure lying on his chest Trey kissed her forehead pleasuring her completely.

“Goddddddd.” She moaned out loud. She honestly didn’t care anymore. Decatur Station exit to the left blared through the train Aurora knew her stop was coming close. Trey put his arm around her neck suckling down on her ear interrupting Aurora’s train of thought.  Trey moved from her ear to her neck leaving a reddish mark on her neck. Right as the train pulled off Aurora gripped the control panel cumming the hardest she had come in the longest time. The more she came the harder his hands went into her waist and the further he pushed himself into her. She arched her back deeper listening to the each stop until she heard the intercom blare her stop.

“Excuse me miss, but the train has stopped.” Aurora opened her eyes to the man she had just mind fucked on that train. Her music had completely stopped and the two locked eyes for a brief second before she stood and gathered all of her bags. Her bun was back in place tight and professional. Her heels were still intact and her panties were soaked. She ran her hand up her neck as she walked through the train realizing the realness of the dream tripped her out. Trey jetted up the stairs passing Aurora, but this train ride had been different.  She had felt his kissing her and she had felt his fingers in her mouth and she feigned for it. She pushed passed the little old ladies and teenagers until she stood behind him. She tapped his shoulder and waited for him to face her and he did without warning she dropped her bag, placed her arms around his shoulders then pressed her lips to his. He didn’t shy away from the kiss he pushed his tongue into her mouth wrapping his arm around Aurora’s waist. The kiss ended and Aurora pulled her business card out of her purse and handed it to him with a smile.

“Call me sometime.”

“It’s already done.” He smiled. She gathered up her things and walked away without looking back.


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