Erotica Suggestions

Hey guys,

So I’m writing a book that includes someone giving erotic tips and so I decided that with every tip that I learn I will pass them off to people who are really lacking in the sexual department or creativity department.

I found three products that will help  women and men become more creative. WARNING: I do not promote premarital sex, but I DO APPROVE GREAT PROTECTED SEX.


1. Liquid Sex: It’s a long-lasting and water-based liquid based lubricant that has natural aphrodisiacs and hemp seed oil. Those components help with stamina and a larger orgasm. If you are a couple that do the same thing include this product that can be found on Inserection or any local sexual store.

2. Metal Worx Mr. Smooth- It’s a metal pleasure probe. It’s rounded, sleek and easy to clean. The premium stell pieces are awesome for temperature play like placing them in a freezer to cool down or placing them in warm water to heat things up. It’s nice for couples as well.

3. Black Vinyl sheets-Protect sheets from sticky, oily, or wet surfaces! I suggest some chocolate sauce, massage oils and anything else creative you would like to explore!



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