Many are called, few are chosen
I prefer that over a soul that refuses to make me smile
I can have many things but I’m standing stagnant
Waiting…hoping… on my knees praying…
Hoping to smile….

Life is more than paying mortgages and bills
Its realizing life is beautiful shades of success, love, power and of praise
Its opening eyes past the first layer but peeling back all the layers to…
Discover what has been under our noses since we were created…

The sun is like nana wrapping its arms around you holding you close shielding you from all the bad shit
The moon protects you from what the sun couldn’t…God put them in place to make you see life as a gift. Children, inhale, exhale … Breathe…

Just smile… don’t fret. Don’t cry. No worries. Pray. Eat. Laugh. Pray.


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