Don’t be overbearing just Demand Respect

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Relationships aren’t supposed to be a power struggle simply because two people made a conscious decision to be in a relationship. A man will enter a relationship based on his feelings or based on what you have to offer that another woman is not offering. Not all men are preying on women who don’t handle themselves with a certain level of respect, but let’s be real It’s easier to deal with someone who isn’t in tune with their wants, needs, and worth. It’s better to be a woman who walks with a purpose and demands respect without being hostile, rude, or overbearing. Atlanta beauties walk around the city with different personalities, job descriptions, and esteem levels seeking men who will be that “one”, but the better question for these women is are they that “one” for the men they seek?

Atlanta is a city full of upfront individuals and as a woman it must apply to you as well. Be a woman that states upfront what is wanted in a relationship and stick to it. Sometimes women think being upfront and sticking to what they want means they have to be aggressive, but that is not the case. If you meet someone you like it’s absolutely fine to state your wants with a smile and continue having a great time. Make sure when you state these things it’s at an appropriate location like Mary Mac’s Tea Room restaurant in Atlanta where the two of you can enjoy dinner while discussing wants and needs. Don’t be the woman that says she wants a man to take it slow and enjoy dating, but be lying in his bed while telling him this because he will not believe that.

Do not settle for unwanted qualities just to be under a man. If you are a woman that states she doesn’t want to date a man that has the same work ethic as you then don’t settle for the guy that doesn’t value what he does at work. It’s common sense because when you settle for less that’s what you get and believe me if you settle a man or anyone for that matter will take advantage of you. Be ahead of the game and stick to what you say and not only act on impulse.

Be realistic about your wants and needs ladies. You aren’t going to find anybody to share your time with having a long list of impossible wants and needs like Chili. I’m not saying lower your standards, but I am saying be aware that you aren’t Princess Diana and that he is human just like you. You need to look for order and balance in your man. Stand firm in what you want and know your worth, but just don’t scare a man off and don’t be an aggressive angry woman because it’s unattractive. One last thing, don’t get caught up as a friend with benefit unless YOU want the same thing.

Be true to what you want and a man is going to fall for you because you most definitely have something great to offer.


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