How to Get Over an Ex

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Relationships sometimes end even when a person doesn’t want them to end.  It can completely catch a person off guard when the person you love and plan your future with completely gives up on you even when you know it’s for the better. Getting over someone literally takes time; time to grow, time to change, and time to cry. It’s unrealistic to ask any person that loves unconditionally to get over the person that that love went to. Atlanta is filled to the city limit with people in love, people who yearn for love, and people who have lost love. Which are you?

It is easy to sit here and write about getting over an ex when honestly I am not completely over my ex, but I have figured some things out that helps soothe the heart. The best thing for a person that is newly single and not yet over their ex is to get closure from the situation immediately because it’s more hurtful to not get closure. Closure can make the break up easier for both parties, but honestly it won’t take all the pain away.

Breaking up with someone is difficult especially when the two of you were best friends before and during the relationship. It helps to completely cut ties from your ex immediately because there needs to be time where a person can really go over every detail of the relationship and then move to a peaceful place to begin to heal.

The most significant advice that I can give to anyone after a hard break up is embrace the person you are and mold that person into someone greater. Pick up hobbies like finger painting, singing, and writing or go out with your friends for fun nights and hugs. Exercise in Atlantic Stations LA Fitness and work off the stress you have. Cry it out if it’s necessary because crying isn’t for the weak. Decide to be friends with your ex or to move past a friendship to better yourself. I am currently in an area where I no longer wish to date people from my past and look forward to the love I am growing all because I took time for self. Take time to live and date and be beautiful.

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2 thoughts on “How to Get Over an Ex

  1. Ur articles on relationship and single r the articles we need in other to keep and have a serious relationship. Good Job. & keep it up.

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