Relationship Pet Peeve


What are your pet peeves?


It’s apparent that in all relationships there are things that really irritate a person. For ladies, these pet peeves are what they speak among each other at their “girls nights” and roll their eyes at when the men in their lives continuously do the actions!

Top pet peeves

  1. Lying
  2. Getting too comfortable
  3. Not defining the relationship
  4. Not answering the phone/ text msgs immediately
  5. Double Standards in relationships
  6. Hiding cell phones or stepping away when the phone rings

These things piss women off and can be fixed if the two people have open communication. Men Step it up and ladies work with your men!

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3 thoughts on “Relationship Pet Peeve

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  2. It sounds like these are women who are in the wrong “relationships”. I don’t have these kinds of problems at all. As women, we are quick to give everything to nothing, then we’re mad at the guy. Women need to do better. Why the hell would you want to be with a guy who lies, doesn’t answer your calls, and expects to act single.

    • I understand all your points. My readers do have some crazy pet peeves with their guys, but I’m not going to lie and say that men aren’t human and that they aren’t perfect either. I don’t have these issues (lying, men walking away from a phone or not defining a relationship) but the people that do, do. Women do settle for absolute nonsense and they do need to reevaluate their relationships if they are feeling insecure about them. However, humans lie so sometimes a woman will catch her man in a lie even if its the stupidest lie. Women look at a phone call and don’t answer it so it’s not too far fetched sometimes for a man to do the same. Sometimes men don’t want their women “parading” around at the club if they aren’t so I can’t say that my readers are full of it completely some just need more relationship guidance than others. I really enjoyed your comment and respect the fact that you tuned into my blog/vlog. Have a blessed day.

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