Trap Star’s Girlfriend S2

Two: The Best

Recap of last chapter: The two headed to the check-in desk then up to her room. Inside of Lauren’s dorm room, Tank wasted no time in pushing Lauren up against her door and pressing his tongue deep into her mouth…


Tank pulled Lauren into his arms lifting her from the beige carpet kissing her as she wrapped her arms around his neck receiving his lips. Both were blazed passed thinking and rationally trying to stop the actions. It had been a minute since Lauren felt any kind of affection from a man especially a man like Tank with such a demeanor that demanded attention and respect; with hair as long and neatly twisted as his or as laid back as he came off. Her entire body seemed to yearn for this man and she was completely fine with it.  Tank carried her to her twin size college bed then slid off her heels and rubbed her feet. Tank dealt with gold diggers and hood boogers before wanting something different from the women he shared himself with. His life had been full of drama, drag, jail visits, blood and business. He felt it would be nice to share his spare time with the opposite of all the bullshit. Honestly, he just wanted to expand his horizons and completely turn a good girl out. Lauren fell onto her pillow as he pulled her heels off and smiled.

“That feels so good. Those heels were killing me.” Tank ignored her as his hands moved from her feet, up her ankles and up her long legs.  Out of her three years in college, there had been no one night stands and here she was letting this stranger kiss and caress her, but she didn’t want him to stop.

“Lauren you bad as hell.”

“I never thought I’d hear that coming out your mouth.” She smiled.

“My ma dukes taught me some manners ya dig? Don’t do me like that.” Tank saw something he didn’t see in the other broads he dealt with.

“I just didn’t take you as the compliment type. You seem like you’re mean as hell and don’t spend nights with educated women just ratchet hoes.” Lauren voiced.

“Depends on who is tryin’ to throw it at me.” She rolled her eyes and he chuckled.

“Smart ass I see.”

“I’m always honest though my dear.” Tank tugged at Lauren’s dress until she began helping him pulling the dress over her head. Lauren had her eyes closed and Tank admired the beauty that stood before him. Her matching peach bra and panty set snuggled her hips almost mimicking paint and her tattooed initial on her hip.

“Mm mm mm.”

Lauren watched Tank admire her body and had a change of heart. She wasn’t the girl to have sex on the first night or the girl to allow a man she barely knew to come to her dorm. It had been the Rum and the weed that had her completely losing her normal self. Tank pulled his shirt over his head exposing his body completely covered in tattoos and watched as he let down his dreads. The wife beater he wore exposed that rough persona she knew he had; his jeans hung off his waist and his Jordan’s were still snug on his feet. He placed his shirt on her desk chair and his dreads covered his face just like all the thugs she saw in passing, but all the more reason for her to want to change her mind again. Without hesitation, Lauren unzipped his jeans watching them hit the floor and him stepping out of them. Tank searched her face for permission, once given he climbed in her bed close to her.

“Goddamn you make me want to break my rules.” Lauren muttered before running her manicured nails through his long dreads.

“Break dem mufuckas then Miss Lauren.” Her stomach dropped and she leaned in to taste his lips again. Lauren could feel how erect he was instantly becoming just as wet before Tank flipped her on her back and gained control of her again. Both of them stared into each other eyes as he got her panties off and threw them on her carpet. He dug in his jeans that were lying on the floor to pull his rubber out and before he opened the golden wrapper he stopped and looked at her.

“If I give you some of this shit you gonna call me the next day?” He Joked.

“Not even.” Lauren responded with a giggle. Tank loved her response, placed the condom on and the two started their nightcap off right.

Tank pushed into Lauren rough and satisfying. His mouth covered her collarbone as he boned she arched her back in agreement to what he was throwing her way. He ran his tongue from her collarbone up her neck and into her mouth. She tried not to, but she couldn’t help her hands slightly tugging his long hair and moaning as loud as he made her with his long, deep strokes. Her roommates were with Joe and Breeze for the evening and so she could enjoy the ride she was on.

“Damn.” Lauren let out.

“The dick is good, ain’t it?” He spoke as he stroked.

“Nah, I’m good. Ain’t I?” she retorted.

“You ai’ight.” Tank rolled his hips grinding in her as he grabbed both her hands and held them against the bed board. The dick was too good Lauren hadn’t known what to expect but she was glad she hadn’t backed out. The two continued making each other cum until they had no more energy left. Lauren didn’t know what to do next in a one night stand; whether to roll over and sleep or to try and cuddle so she waited for Tank’s lead. He placed his arm around his waist kissing the nape of her neck without words. How the hell did a night at the club end with bomb ass sex and a bitch as bad as the one that lay beside him? He thought.

“Tell me something that would make me think you’re a complete waste of time.” Tank questioned her.

“I have an attitude problem. I’m vain. I am a geek. I study too much. I have never had an one night stand and quite frankly I’m a complete waste of time to any nigga that cannot respect my mind, my heart, treat me like a queen and fuck me on a regular.” She responded without even having to sit and think for too long.

“I hate a female with an attitude. Vain females are a waste of time most times. Geeks are snitches and I don’t fuck with them much. I have fucked plenty of females on the first night. I can only respect a female that respects herself and getting thrashed when my baby wants it has never been an issue.” He responded. Lauren picked up her phone off her desk and looked at the time. It was six in the morning and she had just had an amazing night, amazing high, and an amazing nut and it seemed that the man giving her this awesome night was trying to have a conversation after.

“This seems mad complicated baby. It may not work.” She yawned.

“I can dig that sweetheart. I can fuck with honesty all day. That’s really all I ask.” Tank replied.

“It sounds like you trying to deal with all my deal breakers.” He didn’t respond he just kissed her neck again. The two talked until Lauren slipped into a deep sleep; Tank set his alarm for nine that morning and fell asleep until then.

“I have to go shawty.” He whispered to Lauren.

“Already?” she whined.

“Yes, but I will hit you up so I can see you later this week.”

“Don’t say it if you don’t mean it.” She muttered.

“I gotchu.” Tank replied, kissed her lips, and let his self out of the door.

Lauren started her week thinking of Tank. Midterms were over and it was time to sit in class, gather her notes, and just shoot the shit without much homework or studying. With all the free time on her hands she had time to think about how fine Tank was, how much she actually thought she liked him and how he hadn’t hit her up yet. It had been two days without any word from the man she thought she caught. She knew it was too early to over react over no phone call, but she didn’t know the ways of the man she had just fucked. She only knew what he told her and dammit that wasn’t good enough. It was annoying the way she continued to check her IPhone and it was worst how she was in her feelings for a complete stranger. Just because he said one thing didn’t mean the nigga was going to actually do it and that irked her even more.

“Hey Tank, it’s Lauren. It’s been a couple days and I’m feeling like it’s best if you don’t hit me up. It was nice meeting you though.” She left the voice mail and deleted his number.


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