Trap Star’s Girlfriend S3

Three: The Mansion

Recap: “Hey Tank, it’s Lauren. It’s been a couple of days and I’m feeling like it’s best if you don’t hit me up. It was nice meeting you though.” She left the voice mail and deleted his number.

She erased him and continued on about her day. Weeks on weeks piled up on Lauren and before she knew it a month had passed, her work ethic was back high and she was back to her old self.

“I can’t believe we are going to The Mansion tonight. I have been trying to get you to come out with us this whole month.”
“I know girl, but you been missing class and shit that’s something I can’t do. I finished all my assignments and I’m good to go.” She chopped it up with her roommates, dressed in a tight white mini dress, and walked into the club like she owned the place. Her dress was hugged her nicely and the back dipped down to the top of her onion ass and her pumps made her calves to die for while the black lights illuminated Lauren giving her the façade of the baddest chick in the club. Already sipping her favorite drink men pushed and pulled to be the one she landed eyes on. It never surprised her because she knew she looked good.

Across the club in the VIP, Tank sat at a table sipping Courvoisier with his business partners and inhaling the smoke from Cuban cigars. He licked his lips slow and pulled out a small envelope out of Breeze’s hands handing it over to his business partner. He finished the meeting, stood shook hands with the men at the table, and scanned the crowd.

“Tank daddy what’s up?” Faith flirted from the other side of the VIP entrance.

“What up Faith?” He responded nonchalantly.

“I’m trying to get in there with you and your boys. My girls here from out-of-town and I just want to spend some time with you again.” Tank had fucked and forgot her after the first night and turned her down before anymore worthless words were given out. Following the niggas that were walking around the club, Tank sipped his drink and his eyes landed on a female that just couldn’t be overlooked. The way the dress molested Lauren’s frame he knew that it was her; he had been thinking about her ever since the day he heard the voice mail she left. Truthfully a voice mail wouldn’t stop a man of his caliber from getting the woman he wanted, but it was something about what she said and how she said it that made him want to give her space before trying to face plant in her pussy again. He downed his drink and left his table to pursue the female he couldn’t stop thinking about.

Lauren bounced her ass to every beat in the club until she felt an arm around her waist and inhaled the familiar cologne that gave her wet dreams for the past month. The way the arm secured a spot around her waist with just enough aggression, confidence and strength made her want to melt, but it had been too long without the nigga that had her waiting for calls and didn’t answer her text messages. She inhaled deep before turning to the face that she had been waiting to see and pulled away.

“What’s up Tank?” Lauren spoke as she sipped her drink.

“C’mere and give me a hug.” He spoke as if he knew she wanted him.

“Excuse me? I think not.” She replied calmly.

“Let’s not act. I know you missed a nigga.” He smiled, but Lauren wouldn’t budge.

“Actually, I really don’t know you enough to miss you like you assume. I think that it’s pretty presumptuous for you to assume that I would fall into your arms like the next bitch.” Lauren was feeling her drink and she was feeling herself. She had men lining up to be with her and here was the man she had been wanting for weeks standing in her face assuming she would fall as if she needed him to validate her. Tank on the other hand was completely surprised and rather had an attitude about the way the woman he kept in the back of his mind was throwing shade at him after a month. He stared at her for a minute before walking away from Lauren. He pulled a pretty girl by her hand and lead her back to VIP where he and his boys sat treating the girl to a bottle, a blunt, and yet not taking his eyes off of Lauren.

“Why the fuck did you just throw shade bitch? That nigga is paid and sexy as hell.” Lauren rolled her eyes before buying another drink. She watched out the corner of her eye as the “chosen” female swinging and dipping her hips in Tank’s face. Bitches are thirsty. She thought as she secretly watched.

“Hello Lauren. Answer me.” Tamia and Tamara stood in her face.

“You want his paid sexy ass than you go up and beg for a chance to get in his face.” Lauren responded before walking away to get a breather.  In the crowd of fine men, one chocolate nigga walked up and gave Lauren the right attention. As intoxicated as Lauren was she knew how to make a person regret the fucked up shit they had done to her—and it was on. She sat at a booth with another young money-maker sippin’ Champagne and occasionally letting the baller cozy close. The female that mirrored Lauren was in his face  as he was staring at the woman that he watched in another man’s face. He couldn’t understand why it had even mattered nobody ever pissed him off and affect him unless it was an issue with money. The girl with Tank sat back down as the music changed and as she sat close to Tank across the club Lauren had moved onto the lap of her baller.

What the fuck? Tank thought before throwing back his Courvoisier and storming across the club. He didn’t think about who it was she was with from afar and he quite frankly didn’t care, but he came up to the table the two were sitting.

“C’mon shawty we leaving.” He spoke. She looked  up and sat her drink on the table.

“Who the fuck is you?” The baller spoke, but Tank ignored him.

“Lauren, let’s go. We got some business to handle.” She wanted to open her mouth and refute what he was demanding, but she could see it would get ugly had she not started to move.

“Nah, baby don’t get up you kickin’ it with me tonight.”

“Ay Shad back the fuck down.” Tank knew the nigga well and knew he would hurt him he continued  playing the role.  Shad leaned in focusing on the face of the man that stood in front of him.

“My bad my nigga I ain’t know it was you a nigga faded and shit.”

“It’s all good. Lauren let’s go.” Lauren stood and walked in front of Tank with a major attitude. The club never stopped; young niggas bumped closer to the chick with the roundest asses and the wannabe ballers stood with money in their fingers, spliffs to their lips, and large chains.

“Go tell your girls you’re going with me while I go handle some business.” He directed.

“I am not leaving with you.” Lauren folded her arms and rolled her eyes.

“I’m not going to tell you twice. You can tell them broads or not.” He walked away and the girls ran up to Lauren.

“Damn girl. We saw the whole thing. What’s going on?”

“He wants me to leave with him.”

“Are you going? Hell I would.” Tamara spoke excitedly.

“No. I’m not.”

“You need to stop trying to act like your damn panties aren’t wet! I know you want that man.” Lauren held her grimace in place as the girls tried to make her admit her excitement. It was more like a sigh of relief from the man that she wanted. It had been a long night full of manipulation to get the man she wanted to make hers come across the club for her. Lauren didn’t want to be the one to “play games” but she wanted that man and she would do what she had to do to get him. As the girls continued their squealing, Tank walked over to Lauren. He didn’t open his mouth he walked past her, put his hand out, and she grabbed it and left with him.

The moment she took his hand the anger seemed to melt off of her. The couple jumped in the Impala without a word spoken. The music blasted through the speakers  as both thought to themselves.

“You have some nerve you know that?” Lauren spit.




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