Trap Star’s Girlfriend S4

Four: Unofficial

Recap: The moment she took his hand the anger seemed to melt off of her. The couple jumped in the Impala without a word spoken. The music blasted through the speakers as both thought to themselves.

“You have some nerve you know that?” Lauren spit.

Tank never spoke a word to Lauren; he gripped the steering wheel frequently gaping at her. He watched her stare out of the window of the car and go in and out of her cellphone text messaging whoever texted her. His apartment was always off limits to any broad because Tank didn’t do relationships. He had too much business to handle to focus on one woman, but here the duo was. He cut the car off and turned to Lauren. She sat with her arms folded looking forward clearly holding onto the attitude from the club. He stared her down until she faced him, grabbed the back of her hair firmly pressed his lips to hers; their tongue danced around one another. He held her tighter as the kiss deepened; Tank suckled down on her bottom lip as Lauren seized every moment of it.

Lauren sat in the car rolling her eyes, but with butterflies the entire time. She knew well that he couldn’t stand to have another man in her face, but she also knew that she made her point clear. There they were outside of an upscale apartment sitting quiet wishing to be fuckin’ like crazy and making up like pros. The kiss ended but the taste of his lips lingered as she sat there taking in deep breaths and looking forward again. She looked over and Tank exited the car and walked toward her door opening it and helping her out of the car—still no one spoke. Tank slid his arm around her small waist and held her tight as they walked to apartment 523. Inside the dark apartment it was warm and as Tank closed the door Lauren gripped her clutch tight attempting to calm the excitement she had. She followed behind him to where she assumed was the bedroom closely inhaling his delicious scent and wanting to lick it off of him.

“You almost got that young nigga hurt.” Tank interrupted her naughty thoughts. Lauren placed her clutch on the mahogany dresser and walked up to stand face-to-face with him.

“You had the bitch standing and shakin’ her ass all up in your face. Last time, I checked we weren’t in a fuckin’ relationship so whoever I’m with its none of your concern correct?” he walked away from her opening his walk-in closet ignoring Lauren’s attitude. He unbuttoned his shirt as he walked back to Lauren with his thought.

“You really feeling some kind of way because a nigga didn’t hit you up if you would have waited it out maybe you would have heard from me?” Tank addressed Lauren.

“Do I look like a female that waits around for a nigga?” she sucked her teeth.

“You look like you need to get your shit together, take that dress off and get in this shower with me.” Lauren refused to do what he asked of her. Lauren’s eyes wandered to his hardwood floors, plush white rugs and how well decorated his room was. It had a woman’s touch and it made her wonder further who had been before her.

“Lauren stop playing these games.” Lauren’s eyes fell on his chest, the tattoos, down to his long chocolate torso and landed on his navy blue Ralph Lauren boxer briefs and stopped at the bulge in his pants.

“I’m not playing. You are used to women throwing themselves at you and that’s not the type of woman that I am. I’m sorry.” Lauren tried everything to keep her juices from running down her inner thigh and she tightened her muscles as he walked closer to Lauren slightly pushing her back unto his California King Size bed. She lay back and he planted his large hands into his Egyptian cotton sheets leaning in her face with a grin she couldn’t resist.

“I know you aren’t throwing yourself at me. I wish you were, but since you didn’t let’s just make up.” Tank leaned in to kiss Lauren’s forehead, nose, and full lips. Lauren couldn’t hold back anymore she kicked her shoes onto the hardwood floor and put her arms around the neck of Tank. She pulled his body onto hers and parted her legs then locked them around his waist. Tank got her naked as fast as he could then stepped into his bathroom and started the shower. Lauren wanted to be upset, but she couldn’t—this is all she could think about in the privacy of her own bed. She would dream and dig into herself after writing a paper while imagining him inside of her. Tank came back to the room yanked her up holding her in his arms tightly and she locked her legs again. He walked into the shower disregarding Lauren’s long locks of hair strictly staring into Lauren’s green eyes and pushing inside of her as the water beat down on their skin. Her manicured nails were digging deep into his back and she pulled his locks out of their tie and both of their hair rested in one another’s face. Their tongues made love as well kissing and sucking and licking… nothing could be more prevalent at the moment.

“You forgive me?” He growled in her ear as the water beat the walls and the bottom of the shower.

“You didn’t say sorry.” She moaned.

“I’m saying sorry now.” Lauren grabbed his Old Spice shower gel and squeezed it on her breast and his chest as the two washed each other’s body with each other’s body. Her fingers traced his back with suds of soap and he didn’t want to end the pleasure he was having. He had missed her and he knew that she missed him. It was weird. There hadn’t been enough time between them to care for one another but here it was after all the immature arguing and fighting sharing body and space and emotion. Both butt naked, dried off and lying in ecstasy from the shower they shared. The pillows were soaking wet from the water and their hands were intertwined.

“Come here.” Tank managed to get out. Lauren lay between his legs and secured her head on his broad chest.

“I’m sorry for real though.” Lauren looked at the man she was in bed with and smile.

“I forgive you.”

“I didn’t mean to make you feel like I didn’t want to fuck with you shit just got hectic and crazy. I had money I needed to get. This nigga had to give me what was due.” Lauren listened confused then sat up on her elbow.

“What are you talkin’ about? What do you do?” Lauren managed to ask Tank wiped his fingers over his chocolate face.

“You sure you want to know?” he questioned.

“Yes. I can handle it.” She smiled.

“Okay, well…”




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