Are you one of the “greats”?

Great /grāt/ Adjective: Of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above the normal or average.

                         Noun: A great or distinguished person

                          Adverb: Excellently; very well

Each of these describe my theory on the “Great” loves of your lives. See there are some people that come into your life and bless you with something you can hold onto forever; when you meet the man/woman that teaches you how to love, be selfless, be courteous, or just reveals the flaws that you didn’t want/couldn’t acknowledge they are one of the “greats.” It’s the person that took you theeeee longest to get over and the person you would risk it all just to make them realize that it was you all along. I can creatively describe how I feel about one of the “greats” of my life; No name, but if you know me then…

It seems that he completely immersed my life with joy

and love and trust, protection. I didn’t want anyone else.

It caught my heart off guard & built a cocoon around my heart

I moved out and lived with him, ate with him, relaxed with him

sometimes I hated him, dated him, kicked him, and cried to him

He lied to me, I lied back, but we were best friends.

Sitting in the bed bra, shorts, with a pink xbox controller &

2k10 or Modern Warfare with our homework sessions and LOVE MAKING

He is a great because he taught me how to fall in love and maintain it

Taught me to not be selfish, taught me to please my man by simply supporting him

but it ended. However, he’s still one of my “greats” because he’s still my best friend…

Are you one of the greats? Do you support your lover? Have you taught your lover how to properly love you? It takes two people to fall madly in love and it’s hard to maintain it because everyday shit happens (excuse my speech), but you have to remember that the person you fell for is supposed to make it better or at least ease the blow.

I can only say take care of the person you are with; cook, clean, hug, help, support & everything they do because that’s all people really want– to have someone cosign on all the important occurrences in life. Most people don’t want to admit that but it’s the truth.

Figure out what it is you want and work for it. Become one of the greats … be remembered … be loved

“Love, peace, and Poetry”


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