Are you a ‘Ride or Die’ chick???


This article was first seen on in my relationship column.

Are you a ‘ride or die’ chick?

Relationships are about growing together as two completely different people that can act and sustain a happy environment right? In this relationship, both parties are supposed to coexist making each other happy without one person being better or more important than the other person. If this is true then I believe that I am confused about what exactly a ride or die chick is all about. Young and old men have been known to say they want a “ride or die” chick, but as I thought about it I couldn’t figure out what exactly constituted a woman to be ride or die? Atlanta singles aren’t exempt from this saying seeing that I live and listen to the nonsense while on dates with men.

A lot of men idolize women who will support, ride out with them, spend their money when the times get rough, visit them if they ever catch a bid, and tote a gun if they are a part of that type of lifestyle. While men idolize women like this women are running around and trying to be that “ride or die” chick. Where are women getting this image that the ride or die chick is a good thing? Do you want to be loved so much by a man that you can forget self? Do men really want a woman that doesn’t want or demand more for his life? If so, people don’t really understand what a relationship is about.

Personally, I would prefer a man that wanted a woman to be loyal and not just a woman who does any and everything to keep a relationship and alter what a relationship is supposed to be about.  Loyalty is feeling relentless support from your partner and in return receiving consistent love and support from the partner. Now don’t get me wrong this is just my personal thoughts on being a ride or die chick because I think it’s just an excuse to be in an otherwise messy, unreliable relationship. A relationship where a man believes a woman that doesn’t demand much of him is holding him down and a woman that accepting anything and everything is being loyal… that’s wrong.

Loyalty is supporting when the chips are done, standing beside the man that is trying to turn the current into a prosperous future, and comes home at night after a long day of handling necessary business. Loyalty is getting a second job when your partner loses their employment, encourages, and prays when chips are down. Loyalty is when a family emergency comes along you pick up the pieces and you stand beside your partner and pick up where your partner doesn’t think they can go on. These definitions may sound familiar to you as it is what women think a ride or die is and that may very well be true, but in most instances that I’ve seen most women being a ride or die she’s completely invisible behind the man’s issues. But you choose what a ride or die is and let me know.

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