Trap Star’s Girlfriend S5

Part 5: Decisions, Decisions

Recap: “What are you talkin’ about? What do you do?” Lauren managed to ask Tank wiped his fingers over his chocolate face.

“You sure you want to know?” he questioned.

“Yes. I can handle it.” She smiled.

“Okay, well…”


“You what?” Lauren listened but couldn’t really understand what the fuck she was doing in bed with a person that helped ruin lives every single day.

“Shawty, I sell dope. It’s something I do to keep myself fed.” Tank spoke directly to Lauren glaring into her green eyes.  Lauren’s eyes dropped as she listened to the words coming out of the man she was with.  It wasn’t the first time she had met a person that sold drugs, but it was the first time she had completely given her body to one.

“When the fuck were you going to tell me?” She responded clearly heated.

“Let’s be real shawty I don’t know you well enough to just disclose a bunch of my personal information to you. I met you at a mufuckin’ club.”

“You didn’t give a fuck when you had your damn face in my twat like the fuck? That’s not a valid reason to keep that kind of information.”

“You either deal with it or you don’t. I can’t kiss your ass because this life ain’t what you want.” He spoke clear as day. It would be easier for Lauren to get up, get dressed, and walk away from the man that she so wanted to stay with. It would be easier to leave him as just a fuck, but as she looked at frown on his face, his strong jaw line, and the hair on his shoulders and simply thought FUCK!  How could she walk away from one of the finest men she had ever met? Integrity got the best of her because without another word she stood and picked up her dress.

“I guess I don’t want to be a part of your life like I previously thought.” Lauren said without looking at Tank.

“Coo.” Tank opened his mouth and watched her dress.

Tank tried to read the woman that lay between his legs then watched the scene go from wonderful to over. Most women spent so much time trying to get his attention that when he finally got Lauren’s he felt he fucked it up before she could truly appreciate the man he was. He wasn’t just a heartless ass nigga that could care less about other people’s feelings. He was just a nigga that was dealt a bad card and knew nothing else but feeding the ones that he cared about most. He spoke too soon and sat watching the woman that he knew he wanted place her dress back over her head. His ego was getting the best of him and his pride whispered FUCK! He knew that if he didn’t say anything she would leave him there and probably not look back. She had her shit together and she knew how to hold her ground.

“Are we really going to act like we don’t give a fuck?” He voiced and walked to her.

“It’s not an act. You asked me to make a choice and I did.”

“It doesn’t have to be like this.”

“Yes, it does Tank. You are breakin’ the law and I’m a college student what the fuck am I supposed to do with a drug dealer?”

“You supposed to say that you want to be with a nigga like me because it’s written all over that pretty ass face of yours.” He responded. Everything she picked up he snatched and threw to the ground.

“I don’t want to be with a man like you.”

“You don’t even know me.” He said.

“I know, but I just—,”

“Give me a couple days to show you who I really am and if you don’t want this life then I will leave you alone.” Lauren placed her manicured fingers on his chest attempting to push him off of her and begin to think.

“I will give you three days to show me something. I mean if we are going to do this after I am finished with my business I want to ride out with you, I want you to take me to places besides the club, and I want the full drug dealer’s experience.”

“Are you ready for this?” He rubbed his chin and twirled the hair.

“I want you in the end so I have to see what you have to offer a girl like me.” The two retreated to the nakedness they had before the confession, changed the sheets, and cuddled. Lauren played sleep but couldn’t stop thinking of what he could have been doing when he wasn’t answering her calls. She thought of who was doing dope and if she would be associated with a drug dealer as soon as she began their trial run relationship. What the fuck was her problem? Her papa had taught her better and here she was testing shit she had no business doing.

There had been plenty of bitches that wanted to date a nigga that was guaped up, bossed up, and laying the dick at command, but not Lauren. He couldn’t believe the shit that came out of his mouth for her. He couldn’t believe that she had even begun to try to walk out of his life right when he got her back in it. Prove himself? That was something he never had to do especially to a college girl with her nose high. His thought process was interrupted by soft kisses on his chocolate chin and he lay there for the first time in a long time with a woman that actually made him feel some type of way. Tank had been through many experiences and one of those experiences was a heartbreak that he never wanted to experience again so he lay in his bed inhaling Lauren’s sweet scent…




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