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The  Brunswick, New Jersey native Jasmine Jacksonhas already started making a name for herself here in Atlanta.  Graduate of Georgia state University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism  with concentration in Telecommunication and a minor in English, its obvious  to see  what Jasmine  is passionate about.  Developing the art of writing poetry at the young age of 12, she knew early on what she wanted to do in life. As a writer/ blogger, she is consistently showcasing her talents and abilities.  Lipstick Dreams sat down with the 22 year old African-American relationship columnist of

LD: How did you get into blogging/writing?

JJ: have always written whatever was on my mind, but I could never keep up with writing in a “diary”, but as I was looking for work in college I came across Examiner gave me an outlet where I could write about topics that interested me. But…

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