The Married Man

Yes, people I thought I met someone who had sense and the only damn thing he had was a wife. Let me set this up correctly before you people judge me:

  1. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL no. I was unaware that he was married or even in a relationship period.
  2. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL yes. I cut all communication off.

Now that I set the records completely straight let’s get back to my story. I always listen when a guy comes along and announces himself because you never know when you will come across the one. I really liked our conversation, but something was off and I felt it the first time we didn’t talk much after a certain time. See usually when you meet someone knew you talk so much and you learn so much about that person, but it was odd. His excuse was work; I let it ride in the beginning, but that’s why you don’t  allow BS to get pass you.

We talked and then I started asking those hard hitting questions like:

–          Where is the mother of your child?

–          Where does she live?

–          Why aren’t you allowed to talk on the phone before a certain time?

He was offended by those questions and therefore that completely made my experience sour. From that point on the conversation went down, our dates were cancelled and he came back because like always ladies the crazy ones ALWAYS try and come back. It’s never the ones you’d think about giving another chance by the way. Anyways, last night on the way home I wanted to talk to someone so I decided to call him and we get into a conversation where he says, “I have to tell you something and I don’t know how you are going to take it.” I knew it would knock my socks off but not this much. I thought he would say me and the mother of my child decided to hash things up and we decided to get back together, but NO MA’AMS, NO SIR-REE-BOB-CAT-TAIL!

“Go head.” I said. He explains that he’s married. I said well, that’s all I need to hear. He said he didn’t quite understand.

“I can’t be with anyone like you. Do you love your wife?”

“Yes, I love her, but things aren’t the way they use t be.” Like that ain’t LIFE/RELATIONSHIPS sometimes.

“I’m not worth losing your family. Nice meeting you.” That’s the last response I could give him.


Moral of the story: IF YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE BEING FED BULL… ACT ON IT AND END IT. You know I share a very personal side with you guys because I’m just an honest person. All I ask is… you don’t help shatter a marriage regardless if it’s almost over. You don’t know what are the facts or the fictions in the relationship. GET YOUR LIVES!


Can you say call/text block? HELLO, SPRINT.


3 thoughts on “The Married Man

  1. It is very refreshing to hear, a woman say she told a married man “no thanks”. I am so tired of hearing about side chicks being the victims of no good men. With their broken hearts, they make excuses to why they need borrow someone’s man. They figure if they know he belongs to someone else from the jump they won’t get too emotional involved. What is ironic about it all, is that they are doing to another woman, what they fell victim to.

    The thought of having a healthy, monogamous relationship is foreign to some. They never see it, or believe it exits. So after being burnt a few times, women will adjust and settle for what they think is the new and improve relationship. At least that is what they try to convince others. Now it has gotten so bad that people write articles giving advice on, “good etiquette for side chicks”. Really?

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  3. So true. I am writing a book called Mr Wrong. This story perfectly demonstrates how to deal with Mr Loose Eye or Mr Serial Liar. Could I please have permission to include in my book? Please email me at Check out my earlier posts The Many Shades of Mr Wrong and DINGDONGITSMRWRONG SKETCHES HAVE ARRIVED! They will give you more info about the ‘character types’ You can asp see other womens stories on the Share My Story page.

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