Trap Star’s Girlfriend S6

Sorry for the delay. I was out of the country for 7 days for Thanksgiving. I am really grateful supporters and readers like you who bare with me and waited up for this new section. Enjoy and remember in order to continue this series you must BUMP or DUMP the series.

Six: Day One

Recap:  His thought process was interrupted by soft kisses on his chocolate chin and he lay there for the first time in a long time with a woman that actually made him feel some type of way. Tank had been through many experiences and one of those experiences was a heartbreak that he never wanted to experience again so he lay in his bed inhaling Lauren’s sweet scent…


Lauren slipped her maxi dress over her head and waited with her clutch in her hand. Her heart beat fast as she got ready to go out on the first day with Tank. She opened the dorm door to Tank in an all-black tank top, loose fitting sweats, and black Jordan’s. His dreads were neatly twisted and braided resting on his shoulders and as she held the door open he leaned in and Lauren sucked his tongue. Lauren closed the door behind her Tank pulled her body close to his escorting her to his car; he opened her door and she unlocked his side of the car like clockwork.

Tank pulled up to Sweet Georgia’s Juke joint; opened Lauren’s door before popping the trunk and tapping in numbers into a safe. Lauren stood beside him trying to figure out what he needed out of a safe. Tank pulled out three stacks of rubber band knots, stuck two stacks into his pockets and passed Lauren a stack.

“What’s this for?” she questioned.

“Put it in your pocket.” Tank only spoke those words before pulling Lauren closer to him and entering the restaurant. The couple made their way to a party of seven where they met five other individuals. Two of the individuals were Joe and Breeze from their first encounter, but the other three were complete strangers. As the two stood at the chairs they were to sit all the men stood until Tank and Lauren was comfortably in their seats.

“Jody, Gee, Sean this is Lauren. I want her to be my lady and the only way to make that possible is if I show her what I really do.” Every eye at the table with the exception of Lauren and Tank looked confused.

“Yo, what you do to my boy?” Gee asked Lauren with a grin.

“I just told him what I wanted and he obliged.” The men listened to what she said and wondered about the connection forming between the two.

“Let’s start business off like always.” Tank said as Ms. Wilma walked up to the table.

“Good afternoon Ms. Wilma. Can I get a round of our regulars and—,”

“Hey young lady. I am Miss Wilma what would you like to drink?” Ms. Wilma interrupted Tank.

“I just want a sweet tea please.” Lauren answered shyly.

“Okay dear. Look at this menu while I get you guys drinks together.” Ms. Wilma looked at Tank and the way he held onto Lauren’s hand between both of their seats and smiled. Everyone noticed it; it couldn’t be ignored that he had finally brought a female around and didn’t care who saw. Ms. Wilma arrived with a tray of alcoholic beverages and one sweet, sweet tea.

“What’s up with the trap ova on Ponce?” Tank spoke immediately after sipping on his beverage.

“It’s boomin’. Everyone is getting’ served whenever they need it and the pigs are getting’ their cut.” Lauren watched the waitress come back and ordered her rack of ribs, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, and cornbread. All the men smiled as she finished her order and remained quiet. Here she sat petite, quiet, gorgeous, and ordering a bunch of food they didn’t think she’d get.

“Breeze, did you set my grandmother’s money up like I asked you too?” Tank questioned. Lauren listened and made a mental note to question his grandmother’s whereabouts out of curiosity. Somehow she understood to interrupt the meeting would quickly lose cool points with Tank and the men that worked for him.

Tank watched Lauren sit quietly eating and sipping her tea without judgment on her face from his business affairs.  His wanted to know what she thought of him and what he had to say. He wanted to know why she had such a profound effect on his life. It wasn’t like him to bring a woman along just to be with her, but he felt obliged. He finished his conversation right as Lauren stood to head to the restroom.

“So you comin’ to the bar to watch the game?” Gee quizzed.

“Nah my nigga not tonight. I have plans with Lauren.”

“Nigga what’s really good with this chick?” Jody questioned Tank. Tank knew he’d never hear the end of it from his boys, but he also knew he was his own nigga.

“I want to make her a permanent decision.” Tank responded calm as he stood at the table. He dug deep into his pocket and pulled out some bills for the food.

“Why her? I mean bitches throw pussy at you every day.”

“I can get pussy from any random bitch, but I see something more in her.”

“Shawty you fucked her on the first night.” Breeze blurted out. Tank became immediately frustrated feeling as if he were being challenged.

“Breeze I swear my nigga I—,” Lauren heard Breeze’s comment and it was all over Breeze’s face.  Tank looked back and waited for Lauren to turn up, but she didn’t. She sat at the table, sipped her tea, and waited it out for a second. Tank’s face had turned from a smile upon entering the restaurant to his jaw clinched from the anger.

“I did fuck on the first night. What the fuck does that mean? Does that mean I don’t know what I want from a nigga that wants to be my man? I hope that you are a little bit more educated than that,” Lauren spoke before swallowing the last of her drink.  “I’m ready.” She spoke again. Tank stood from the table, waited for Lauren to stand, grabbed her hand, and walked away without looking back. He would handle the situation later and he knew that she understood it. He knew the concerns his boys would have, but he also knew there weren’t many chicks like the one beside him.

The rain drip dropped on the sunroof of Tank’s apartment as the two watched a movie. Lauren was exhausted from running between drop offs, restaurants, and picking up money. She nested her head between his arm and chest sinking into his sheets and his warmth. This was the first time all day she had him all to herself and she loved every minute of it. The man that sold drugs just didn’t seem to exist when they were alone she even forgot. She turned to face him and he looked down into her eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to look at you.” She responded.

“Why?” He questioned.

“Just wanted to see a big head joker.” She joked.

“Is that right?” He questioned before tickling her and making her roll out of the bed. His lips curled into a smile instantly turning her on. She slipped her dress over her head and exposed her naked body. Tank bit his lip and got out of the bed walking to her. His arms engulfed her tightly and his fingers palmed her ass tightly. He slowly led her to a wall and got on his knees kissing her thighs and lower stomach. She inhaled and exhaled as butterflies shoot through her stomach with excitement.

“Relax.” He instructed and she obeyed. He took her right leg and rested it on his shoulder, took his arms around her waist lifting her and put her other leg over his shoulder. Her back rested on the wall and her pussy gushed on his tongue. She reached out for something to help her, but there was nothing but his head. She pushed his head into her peach cumming relentlessly and moaning on the verge of a scream.

“Scream baby.” He groaned, but she refused so he slurped and sucked just a little harder nibbling on her clit. She clawed the wall letting out a scream as she exploded instantly. She went limp as he placed her back down on the floor.

“It’s not over yet shawty.” Lauren attempted to run but Tank caught her midair. The two ran around until he had her pint down and fuckin’ the girl he knew would be his…


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  1. Is this the end of this series, Jas?? When is your next installment coming out?? I’m patiently waiting!! Bump,bump,bump it up! Lol!

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