Lifestyle Change Update

Picture from Brooke Dean article on Madame Noire

Hey lovers all around the world! This is my time to inform you that being healthy is something that no one can make you do. It’s not just a change of style and it’s not an easy task. It’s not only deciding one day I’m going on a crash diet because most times that doesn’t work. This gives me a shot to tell my audience that people you laugh at and call “fat” may really have a hard time losing weight and that most times there’s no support for the change. For instance, eating healthier brands and better cost big bucks when you are a college student or when a parent is preparing all the meals. Being morbidly obese is taking in more calories than being burned and it clearly is a common issue in the United States. But though it may be hard start walking up and down the stairs. Start walking around your neighborhood. Start carrying fruit instead of chips. Learn how to read food labels. These things will help you get where you want.

If your Body Mass Index is over 30 get to working. I am an open minded  individual about everything from healthy recipes, new sexual positions and trends, weight loss methods, exercises and definitely weight loss surgery.

Disclaimer: Weight loss surgery is a way for people who have tried their DAMNDEST to lose weight and gain it back after a liquid, carb free, and calorie counting diet. If you are against it, please state your comments, but just realize YOUR OPINIONS AND HURTFUL comments to those individuals 250 pounds or more means nothing to me or them. Reading and commenting on this blog will be kept cautious as I do support overweight, under weight, and perfect weight individuals.

So whatever measures you take to become healthier, I support it. But let me say this now: NO MATTER WHAT METHOD YOU TAKE YOU WILL HAVE TO EAT HEALTHIER, CUT OUT SODAS, EMPTY CALORIES AND EXERCISE. Exercise can be at least 30 minutes a day, but once you see results you will up the anty. You will see yourself in a new light and you will work hard for that new body. You will start to walk with a stride you didn’t know you had until you lost a couple pounds.

Today, I started back after my 7 day cruise ( a vlog I will be doing very SOON) and I couldn’t go to the gym because I was babysitting, but guess what? That didn’t stop me. I made my own rules and worked it on OUT!

Set Exercise Number of completed
2 Push ups 10
2 Jumping Jacks 40
2 High knees 100
2 Butt kicks 70
2 Squat jumps 20
1 Burpees (because I suck) 5
2 Mountain climbers (horizontal) 40
1 Mountain climbers (vertical) 20
1 High jumps 20
1 Power knee 30
2 Bicep curls 20
2 Extended arm to the front 20
2 Tricep 30

This turned out to be a 30 minute workout full of cardio and some strength. I will do ab work and focus on arms tomorrow along with my cardio. I may do Zumba who knows? But I did something.

I want YOU involved. If you need a partner to work out with… or encouragement RESPOND TO THIS or email me at I will NETWORK for YOU!



4 thoughts on “Lifestyle Change Update

  1. Let me start by saying I KNOW how it is to be “fat”! Just 3 months ago I weighed 254, now I’m down to 230. Wasn’t easy, I indeed had to change my lifestyle. At my heaviest I was 276. This is and will always be an ongoing struggle. If you’re like me, food is an addiction! Well, lets encourage one another!

  2. I’m 5 foot and like 175-180lbs. I’ve got all the right curves, but they’re disappearing! My bday is coming up Dec.29 & I’m determined to lose the weight this year & change my lifestyle. I’ve always taken for granted my curves; nice tits, big butt, hips, small waist. But my sweets addiction around my cycle time, has stretched out to pre & post cycle. Not a big soda drinker, but I love my wine. I eat small portions, but love carbs. I’ve strayed away from soul food everyday, but have fried chicken at least 2x a month. I’m working to get my immediate, soul food, cooking chef, mom&dad to eat healthier at home, but I’ve GOT to exercise! All my close friends bodies are BADD though, so they have no need to workout! Or our schedules r so hectic & conflicting, it hardly ever works out. I’m a career driven woman, with no kids, but I must admit I lack the discipline when it comes to diet & exercise! I’m ready to make a lifestyle change now! I also must admit, I miss not turning as many heads as I used to & it’s weighing heavy, literally on my self confidence, outwardly. I would love to have a virtual, work out partner & help encourage one another to lose this weight! Don’t get me wrong, I love myself & my body, but the double stomach, chins & thunder thighs, gotta go! Hell, if I had the financing & time, I would surely get it sucked & tucked, but I feel that wouldn’t do anything for my long-term goals of a lifestyle change. And what if I got married & had a baby; I would be mad as Hell, spending all that money on my body- surrogate please! Lol, but seriously, help!
    2liter coke bottle body (I want my 20 oz body back)

    • Shaun my love I totally support you. I will totally help you. Remember that I am not perfect and that I eat cookies, cakes, ice cream, and then I work out like crazy. Or at least I try. Things aren’t easy, but we can get you right. Love that you want to take this challenge with me because HONTTTEEYYYY (yes, I said hontey) lol, I need you too. For further contact email me

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