First Date Fashion with Celebrity Stylist Glamo

Photo credit: Ricky Day

Photo credit: Ricky Day

Dating is always a fun way to get to meet the woman or the man of your dreams, but you won’t find them in frumpy clothing. Celebrity stylist, creative force behind The Glamore Deluxe Company, and all around fashion forward fashion industry prodigy himself Glamo stopped by to give all the new daters some first date tips.

 “First impressions are everything! That is why it’s imperative that men and women look their absolute best on a first date.  I have come up with a short list of tips that both men and women can use to ensure that their Wardrobe is a winner!”

JJ: Women usually get so excited about meeting a new guy, but don’t know what to wear for        the first date. What should women go for on a first date?

G: I have tips that are gender neutral. I believe color is everything. Women should stick to   lighter, brighter complementing colors. Stick to a color that embodies who you are; make sure it complements you skin tone and if anything you will get a compliment. If you wear colors that match or complement your skin tone he’s going to tell you how pretty your skin is or how beautiful your eyes are and what woman doesn’t like to be complimented? Guys: Guys are afraid of color and I really don’t understand that, but just like color can complement women’s skin tone it can complement men as well. Guys can definitely play in color and I know a lot of women that don’t mind their man being in color and actually like it. Fellas, you get brownie points with your women for showing that you are comfortable with colors. I’m not talking about dressing up in neon pink and going on a date, but something that embodies your personality. Worst case scenario is it’s a conversation starter.

“Stick to light, brighter, complementing colors.  Believe it or not, there is power in color. One should wear a color that embodies their personality yet complement their skin tone.  This is also a way to be deemed unforgettable!  Just think about anniversaries to come and your spouse vividly reminiscing on what you wore on your first date.”


JJ: As a man, what do men expect to see women in on the first date?

G: I would say that guys want to see your assets. Ladies, to achieve you must cleave and weave! You want to wear things that will compliment your body type. You want to show off your curves; show a little bit of leg, if you have great breast don’t show too much but show just a little cleavage. I think that if a guy can see you a step up from when he asked you on that date if he can see you daintier and prettier than when he asked you on that date he will think he’s winning.  So show what works for you; show him what it’s made for.

“Show Em’ What It’s Made For: Show your date just a few of your assets! If you have “It”, flaunt “It,” but in moderation.  At this stage in the game we all are pretty much aware if we have great legs, arms, buns etc.  Wear clothing that contours and highlights your goodies.  Just remember if you show them all on the first date there may not be anything to look forward to on a second date.”

JJ: Are they any tips for people that don’t usually date, but want to jump into dating and want to get their fashion up to par?

G: First, reach out to your male friend that’s a player and have a shopping excursion. Let him guide you to what they like to see you wear because they probably have a great understanding of first dates and appearance. Second, be appropriate; make sure you are venue and activity appropriate. Don’t feel ashamed to ask your date what you’re doing on a date. Third, dress in layers. You can either pull back or dial up your outfit.

“Be appropriate: Your outfit should be venue and activity appropriate.  Not only is it embarrassing to yourself but also your date to be under and overdressed.  Don’t be afraid to ask where the date is and call ahead if you are not familiar with the venue’s dress requirements. If you’re still unsure, it’s not a crime to wear a layered look that enables you to transition with the date.”
JJ: What would you say are three must haves for every woman going on a first date? Men?

G: Ladies, first must have is shoes! Shoes have to be on point and comfortable. Second must have is a great bag! Accessories are conversational pieces. Make sure the bag is dainty and feminine. Last must have is a great cocktail dress whether it’s a little black dress or not. Fellas, first must have is a great pair of jeans and they need to fit on the waist! We are not on the block and it’s not appropriate for a date. Second must have is tailored blazer and last must have is a time piece. Watches make a man look like a boss and it doesn’t need to be an over the top watch something simple.

“Be personally stylish!  Show your personal style through your outfit.  Put your best stylish foot forward when it comes to your first date.  It’s better to show your date that you have some style; because your style says a lot to your personality.  It’s okay to accessorize with a little bling and shimmer!”


To all my guys and gals looking for love and dating to find that one person you wish to spend time with follow these fashion tips from celebrity stylist Glamo. For more fashion tips and fierceness follow him on Twitter and visit his website. For his services visit his business The Glamore Deluxe Company.

This article was first seen on written by Jasmine Jackson


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