Nina Brown’s Circle of Love


Relationships are journeys and for Nina Brown she knows exactly where she wants to be on that journey. In 2005, the mass communication and broadcasting major found herself interning for Atlanta’s morning show host, deejay, and restaurant owner Frank Ski for V-103. Sacrificing so much to do what she loved and evolving into the God fearing, loving mother, and marriage ready woman she is today Nina has found her circle of love. I sat down with the radio and TV personality telling her personal story of love and life in Atlanta.

Jas: Nina can you explain how you have evolved from being an intern at v-103 to where you are now?

NB: It’s funny because when I was 25 Jasmine and I didn’t know anything about anything I just had a dream of being on radio. I made countless sacrifices to get to where I am today and I had to because I was an intern with zero experience and absolutely no network as far as the industry was concerned. I really had to prove myself and I did and I was good at what I did. I don’t mean that in an arrogant way, but that’s exactly what happens when hard work pays off. It’s funny because I’ve evolved so much since the last year. I think you have to ask yourself what’s next and I ask God what’s next all the time; once you know what your purpose is you have to be what God designs you to be. Fast-forwarding to 2012-2013 I’m so very much ready to kind of shift gears and get married and have more children. It’s funny because if I had the opportunity today to quit my job and I love Frank Ski to death and no disrespect to him, but I would because I’m ready. That’s just where I’ve evolved to since 2005 when I started out with Frank.


Jas: There are so many young girls and young women that want to be in a relationship so bad that they settle. What do you tell these girls who settle for less than what they deserve?

NB: People don’t understand why relationships fail and I don’t think they understand the components of a relationship that’s going to last so it’s not really not settling because people just don’t know. Individually people have a lot of issues within themselves… I think that people don’t deal with their own individual problems. It’s impossible to make someone else happy if you aren’t happy. It’s not that I feel people are settling I think people really don’t know any better unless you know YOU! And honestly, until that happens it will be a very difficult situation. But of course you want love and your intentions are good you just don’t have the proper wisdom and tools to fix yourself and enter a relationship.

Jas: What are three things any woman must know for sure before getting into a relationship?

NB: One is God. Two is yourself. Three is non-negotiables. If you know those three things you can never lose because if the relationship ends it won’t be a lost it’ll be a learning experience.


Jas: What is Nina Brown’s dream guy?

NB: My dream guy, oh this will be fun; my dream guy let me be very honest with you. I was in a relationship with someone I considered a friend and that I had known for eight years. I was totally, totally in love with him—and I’ve always prided myself having a cool factor. I’m spiritual, but I listen to rap music, I have a little swag, I’m sassy that has always been Nina’s thing. When people would ask me about him the first thing I would say is he has crazy swag, but then I realized that swag and cool isn’t always the marrying type. He was living a double life and married someone else and I found out on Twitter. I use to be a woman that loved a man with swag and that was cool, but swag and cool broke my heart. The guy I’m currently dating didn’t think he was my type because of that he said that he was ‘weird’, but when I thought about it I knew that’s what I needed. Weird is everything I wanted and needed and swag and cool wasn’t. People say that opposites attract, but I say relationships work when opposites attract and the foundation is the same. We have different preferences, but the character things have to be the same. My dream guy is now someone whose foundation is the same as mine. I don’t care about the personality meaning if they’re too quiet I’m okay with that now.

Jas: Hot seat question: How long should a woman wait before she sleeps with a man?

NB: At least 90 days.

Jas: Hot seat question: What would you tell women with children about dating and introducing the guy to their children?

NB: Kids don’t need to meet everyone especially when you are only dating. People have forgotten that dating is getting to know someone and you shouldn’t introduce your children to anyone if YOU don’t really know them.

Jas: Hot seat question: What’s your take on dating a person with a different religious background? Can it be done?

NB: It can never work in my opinion. I need to be with someone that can understand & relate to what God said and has done in my life not just “understand”.

Jas: Hot Seat question: Who do you think are better cheaters? Men or women?

NB: Definitely women.

Jas: Hot seat question: What makes them better cheaters?

NB: Women are more detailed and meticulous when it comes things especially cheating.

Jas: What sets you apart from other women?

NB: I would say spirituality, knowing who I am and why I was created. I also think it’s having a bomb (dot) com relationship with God.

Nina Brown definitely knows what she wants and knows exactly how to get it relying on her spirituality, swag, and her business sense. If you can learn anything from her it’s to be completely sure who you are and communicate with a higher power to help figure out who you are. You can follow Nina Brown on Twitter. Like her on Facebook. Visit her site I Am Nina Brown.


This article was first published on my relationship column on Examiner.


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