Bodies by Roc: Antoine “Roc” Meredith

Roc model 2    Antoine “Roc” Meredith is not only a     handsome man, model, or body builder, but he is a man uplifting the community in hopes to create “Roc” bodies and healthy people.  Athletic, extremely in shape, and very focused on life Pardon My Audacity had a chance to sit and talk with him about health tips for men and women trying to lose pesky weight.

 Jas: What inspired you to be in the fitness field?

Roc: I was always in the gym trying to stay fit and ran across a lot of people interested in how I got my body so toned. People were interested in how to get their body like my body and I began giving out advice on how to get better bodies for themselves. I had so many people coming to me so I decided to start making a profit for what I loved and became a certified weight trainer. Bodies by Roc grew and blew up from that point and is almost a household name.

Jas: What motivates you to work out and lead a healthy life?

Roc: My father motivated; He’s an ex-NFL player and he was always fit. He always lived a healthy lifestyle and was always fit; he was my hero. I wanted to be like him, I wanted to be that healthy kid and be like him. I was athletic and I just wanted to be fit and have that look.

antoine 25

Jas: What are your top five calorie burning strategies?

Roc: First calorie burning strategy is eating right; Add egg whites, high protein diet, green tea, turkey, fish, cut out fried foods. Second, add a 30-45 minute cardio regimen. Adding cardio is good for your heart especially in African American it builds a strong heart.  It alleviates heart attacks and heart disease. Third strategy is adding a weight training regimen to gain muscle and remember muscle burns fat. Fourth strategy is having a healthy lifestyle in the mind. It’s impossible to get healthy if it’s not a mindset. My last strategy would be making sure to lose fat and then tone up.

Jas: What are great food choices for women trying to lose the belly fat they are desperately trying to lose?

Roc: There are a lot of choices to help lose belly fat. Yogurt, egg whites daily like 3 or 4 times daily, and stay away from useless carbs like bread and get good carbs like sweet potatoes, brown rice, and whole grain foods. Be sure to incorporate healthy veggies such as broccoli, spinach, and basically anything green.  Make Green tea from home or over the counter because it helps release body fat. Eat Almonds, tuna fish out the bag rather than the can, and substitute salt with less sodium or no sodium. Try Mrs. Dash and if you must have butter be sure to use smart choice. Do not cook with vegetable oil, but Olive oil instead. Try Lemon pepper seasoning, garlic powder, and pita bread as white bread substitutes. Remember that these things will help you get to your goal.

Jas: What can your fans and followers expect from Roc in the future?

Roc: I am 100 percent focused. I am opening my own gym called Stride Fitness; I am being featured as Top 40 under 40. I am also a big role model as I give back with fundraisers for people who cannot afford weight trainers. I often hold fitness boot camps for adults and kids. I am pursuing the big screen and have actually been on CBS morning show, I will be on Love Games after Bad Girls Club Atlanta, and even are talking about fitness DVD’s with Stasi Quinn of BGC New Orleans. Just be on lookout for me as I am grinding and working.

antoine 7

Jas: Are there more body building competitions for you in the future

Roc: Definitely. In the process of training 2013. It’s a fitness model contest coming up; it’s not a body builder but close to it. It’s more athletic build and so I’m in the gym training for that for the win.

Jas: Can you tell new fans where they can find you?

Roc: Fans can definitely find me on Facebook as Antoine Roc Meredith and follow me on Twitter: BodiesbyRoc. I’m not on Instagram yet I’m so late on it, but it will be coming soon so be on lookout for that as well. Visit my website:

There you have it fitness heads and people trying to become fitness heads. Roc gave great tips for starting a new healthy life and enhancing an already healthy lifestyle. Make sure to try the different food choices and be sure to look out for Roc on the big screen. For booking, contact Ty Samuel (804) 874-0676 and Twitter. Check out Roc here:

Be sure to make a change because as you know I’m really big on taking a stance against being overweight, unhealthy, and on the verge of sick. Get you right and If you need some extra help, email me


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