DJ Spotlight: DJ Swagg

Hey everyone, this is Jas with ‘Pardon My Audacity blog’ sitting here with one of Florida’s hottest deejays and the newest host of Jacksonville University radio show “College Hip-Hop” Check out the podcast interview

Check out the mix he mixed for the readers on here:

The mix contains curse words


Make sure to follow DJ Swagg’s movement on Twitter. If you are looking to vibe with the mixes of DJ Swagg you can catch him on  Friday nights is “Flirt After Work w/ DJ Swagg Happy Hour” at Skyline along with Alternative Nights there. Tuesday – Saturday he is inside the Silver Fox every week. And last but not least the radio station, the can listen to him on JU 108 “College Hip Hop” Tuesday – Thursday 8-10pm & Saturday 6-8pm. Thanks you. I’m so sorry about that. Also, if you want to get in contact with him email Doneshia Rhodes at


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