Trap Star’s Girlfriend S7

Part 7: Day 2

Recap: “It’s not over yet shawty.” Lauren attempted to run but Tank caught her midair. The two ran around until he had her pint down and fuckin’ the girl he knew would be his…

black love


“Bitcccchhhh, where have you been?” Stella’s high pitched voice whistled through the hallway of Lauren’s room.

“I been with Tank.” Lauren spoke packing her school bag and her clothes bag.

“Where the hell you going now?” Stella questioned again grilling her friend.

“I’m going to go to my last class then I’m going to spend the rest of the day with Tank.” Lauren spoke before putting the bag on her back.

“Can I have a little convo with you about your new boo thang?” Lauren agreed without thinking much about it.

“You know I’m not hatin’ or nothin’, but is he really who you want to be with seeing that he’s a little rough around the edges?” Lauren held her tongue to let Stella continue. “I mean I heard some niggas saying that they heard some shit about him and it’s not really your style.”

“And what is he involved in?” Lauren folded her arms waiting to hear what she had to say.

“He sells drugs and I’m not talking about that little shit Joe Joe had going on.”

“Thank you for telling me.” Lauren looked at her watch then started making her way to the door.

“Are you still going to see him?”

“Yes.” Lauren didn’t lie.

“Are you really that naive?”

“Are you really trying to advise me on who I need to date Stella like really?”  Lauren knew it would offend Stella, but it didn’t matter. She had already made a decision she was secure with and wanted everyone else to mind their business.

“I’m just trying to help. He clearly didn’t inform you.” Stella followed her to the door before turning to her and looking her in the face.

“He did tell me.” She opened the door and walked out.

Lauren breezed through her classes, turned in her work, and headed to the parking deck where she knew she would see her man waiting for her.  As she walked throughout the courtyard, Darius her former crush walked up to her placing her arm around her shoulders.

“Darius, what’s up?” She spoke nonchalantly still fuming from her conversation earlier.

“Nothing baby girl. Where have you been?”

“I’ve been around.” She answered before entering under the bridge to the parking deck. Lauren couldn’t focus on Darius and so as he dipped off away from the lack of attention. Lauren walked to the spot where her and her man always met and sat listening to music. She sat on a bench; eyes closed bobbing her head at the new Rihanna album. Lauren’s mind continued to go back to Stella judging her and it put her in a state of depression. She hadn’t cared for anyone in the longest time and when she finally found a man he sold drugs.

Tank watched from the front seat of the car noticing that Lauren looked stressed about something. He usually honked the horn and waited for her to get up and jump into the car, but today he stepped out of the car, walked to the girl he wanted to make happy, and opened her car door. Lauren sat in the car and Tank sat behind the wheel without saying much. Their drive was too silent for Tank and he could read Lauren’s body language that something just wasn’t right.

“What’s the matter baby girl?”

“Nothing, I’m just in my feelings.” Lauren said without looking at Tank.

“What’s on your mind doe?”

“I’m just wondering why I am dealing with a nigga like you.”

“What the fuck does that mean?” Tank was tired of the excuses with Lauren. That was always an issue because of what he did. She knew what he did and she agreed to being around it until she really made the decision.

“That means I don’t know why the fuck I decided that I wanted to deal with a drug dealin’ nigga that drives up and down Atlanta without a plan for the future but to slang drugs.” Lauren snapped. Tank had heard enough; this bitch that had him in his feelings was exactly why he didn’t deal with women on a relationship level.  Without saying anything, Tank hit a full speed instant U-turn heading back to the university where he picked Lauren up. His fingers gripped the volume button ferociously as his anger continued build as he increased his speed as he drove her back.

“Can you slow the fuck down?” Lauren barked.

“Lauren shut the fuck up.” Tank didn’t care about being rude or about how she felt.

“You shut the fuck up.”  Both were silent. Nobody had anything else to say until Tank stopped in front of the door of the parking deck.

“Get the fuck out of my car.”

“Who the fuck are you talking to?” Lauren responded back.

“I’m talking to the indecisive, immature, ignorant ass female sitting in my mufuckin’ car.” Tank said peering over his arms that was gripping the wheel.

“I’m not indecisive.” Lauren defended herself.

“I don’t want to argue wit yo’ ass. I’m tired of fuckin’ wit a ungrateful ass mufucka. Which one of your friends had some to say?” Tank yelled.

“Don’t worry about what the fuck was being said.” Lauren let accidentally fall out of her mouth.

“The thing is my nigga the niggas I be around always sayin’ shit to me about fuckin’ wit a female like you, but I tell them mufuckas to shut the fuck up and mind they business. It’s best if you get out of my car and forget even fuckin’ with me because if every time somebody say some shit to you about dating a nigga like me you gone have a shitty attitude with me and start a dumb ass fight we don’t need to be together.”

“And what kind of female am I?” Lauren asked as she rolled her eyes.

“Just get out before you get your feelings hurt,” Lauren folded her arms. “Shawty, honestly you are a stuck up, scary ass female. You are so worried about what everybody else got to say about your fuckin’ life that you can’t even live your life. For a mufucka like me to stay away from relationships, but try and convince your ass to be with me man gone get the fuck out of here.”

Lauren sat in the car listening to Tank continuously tell her about herself and knew that she had let Stella fuck up what she had already said she was over. She had two choices—To get out of the car and lose the man she had been spending so much time with or admit she had fucked up. As Tank finally gave up cursing her out lighting the Black & Mind behind his ear to calm down Lauren looked at her man and still had no idea what to do.

“I have to make moves Lauren. I can’t sit here playin’ games with you. I don’t want to do this shit er’ry week.” Tank said. Lauren could tell that both of them were done arguing and ready to make a decision.

“We have to make moves so let’s go.” Tank glared at her before speeding off again. Lauren had to get herself together before she allowed other people to mess up something that began to build and feel right to her. The two stopped at the warehouse where she wasn’t allowed to enter and Tank dropped another rubber band knot in her lap as he got back in the car. It didn’t matter about the fight they had earlier because if this was the woman he was going to commit to, care for, and put his trust in then she would be a woman that was completely taken care of without questions asked. Lauren sat with another grand in her hand and felt bad because the same bitches that had something to say were the same bitches that weren’t going to help her pay any of her bills and here she was throwing shade at the nigga who only wanted to prove he was more than a trap star.

“I apologize.” Lauren damn near whispered.

“It’s all good, but don’t let that shit keep happenin’ because I got shit to do and you either really fuckin’ wit it or you really not. It’s that easy. I can’t chase after you because of some jealous ass bitches. I want you and that should be good enough for you.” Lauren looked at him agreeing with him.

Tank’s dreads were resting on his shoulder as he waited for Lauren to exit the bathroom with her surprise. After their dinner, Lauren asked for the car to go out and get a few things she needed for class the next day. Lauren spent the afternoon buying something to excite her man because she knew she had almost lost him. Lauren exited the bathroom with a black one body piece with strappy detail exposing her beautiful curves with a matching neck tie, guarder stockings, and pasties for her brown nipples. Lauren allowed her hair to flow freely on her shoulders just like her man.

“Goddamn.” He smiled as she exited the bathroom. In Lauren’s hand she held a small black duffle bag that held some goods for night. Tank hit the power button on the remote immediately and gave Lauren her full attention. She sat the bag on the bed and pulled out Ruby Woo Mac lipstick and applied it perfectly as she practiced in the bathroom. She placed it back in the bag and pulled out a black blindfold. Lauren walked over to her man and covered his eyes and walked him to the bed. She found herself running around the room lighting the candles she purchased, made sure she had the ice in the cup and made sure everything was perfectly.

“Once I put my lips on you, you have to make sure you don’t place a finger on me or the excitement is done.” Lauren removed his blind folds and watched his eyes fall on all the decorating she did in five minutes. As he looked around she put a piece of ice in her mouth before pulling out his chocolate bar and deep throating it perfectly making sure the red lipstick residue was on the shaft.

It was hell trying to keep his hands off of Lauren while she perfectly licked, sucked, and drained him of all the stresses of the day. The music she had playing in the background and the candles flickering set the scene. He bit his lip, closed his eyes, and waited until he felt her sweetness on his tip. Before he could press inside of her Lauren whipped out heated massage oil and began to massage his whole body. Tank’s mind was starting to get blown, his banana dick curved up onto his toned stomach. He was beginning to lose patience. He knew that the outfit Lauren had on would be easy to bypass and she would feel perfect on his lips, his tongue, in his arms, and especially on his dick. His mind wandered as she opened his legs wide after finishing his massage and licked his balls over and over until he yanked her up and pressed his lips to hers…



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