The Handyman Part 1

Here it is guys, another short story apart from Trap Star’s Girlfriend.

The Handyman

Trenton dark skin glistened as he hammered the roof of his home. He wiped the sweat off of his forehead as he rested his size ten Timberland boots on the roof. He wore the blue Dickie uniform well as his muscular frame gripped the material as if a hug. It was a hot day in Hotlanta and he was feeling the burn in the prestigious area of Buckhead where most of his clients worked. He had been on the roof of the house for three hours nonstop with nothing, but a gulp of ice cold spring water his girlfriend Zhané packed him.

“Are you about done Trenton?” Dr. Wright hollered to Trenton.

“Yes sir. There should be no more leaks.” Trenton begins down the ladder to his client.

“Great. Here’s your check.” The check that Dr. Wright placed in his hands would pay his bills and purchase his girlfriend anything she desired. His work ethic always received him a bonus especially with his side hustle he endured with the same clients.

“Yes sir. This three grand always helps me out. Is Mrs. Wright inside to personally thank her for her services as well?” Trenton smiled at Dr. Wright.

“She sure is. Just go inside because I’m running late for a meeting. I will call you if anything else mysteriously breaks.” Trenton watched for Dr. Wright to pull off and entered the home locking the door behind him. He looked up at the vaulted ceilings and the open concept living room, dining room, and kitchen. This home intrigued him to continue his jobs to the best of his abilities.

“Trenton is that you?” Mrs. Wright called from the upstairs guest room.

“As a matter of fact it is Michelle.” Trenton’s long legs travelled up the stairs to find Mrs. Wright spread eagle on the bed waiting for her black stallion to walk into that room.

“Mmm, is that right?” He smiled as she lay on her back and spread her legs as wide as she could to expose her pink clitoris. Trenton dropped his tool box to the hardwood floor that he installed and watched Mrs. Wright fondle and flick her vanilla bean.

“Come do your job.” Trenton demanded Michelle. Just as she was achieving orgasm she pulled her body off the bed and stood in front of the man that she had to have. Michelle unzipped his Dickie suit and pulled it down to his knees. His dick rested stiffly on his stomach as he lay it there every morning to keep the attention off its immense size, the thickness, the curve, and the eyes that it attracted. Michelle ran her eyes over the monster she knew would conquer her and tore his underwear back to wear the Dinkies rested.

“You heard me Mrs. Wright, do your fuckin’ job!” He growled as she rested on her red knees. Michelle buried her face in his sack spitting and licking and sucking before running her lips from the sack to the shaft completely engorged with her saliva. Trenton loved dominating the white women; they would respond and listen to anything he said after perfecting any issue within their large laid homes. He didn’t feel about the women that he fucked away from home because he knew that Zhané enjoyed the finer things and just merely fixing shit around rich people’s home wouldn’t suffice for the life he had created for the both of them. Trenton pumped roughly into Michelle’s mouth peaking exactly where she had expected in her mouth where she greedily didn’t deny his kids.

“Turn over and bend it over.” He demanded.

“Yes, chocolate man! Yes, big daddy!” she hollered all the cliché shit white women yelled, but Trenton loved it. He took this time to strap up before royally fuckin’ this older white woman.


The entire house smelled like he had stepped into a restaurant. There were collard greens, Cornish hens, yams, and cornbread. Zhané knew his favorite foods and she knew what he was bringing home that night; that check. Zhané met Trenton while being a nanny for one of his clients whose wife was out of town at the moment. Instead of giving him the attention he was used to she ignored his straight teeth, deep waves, and his muscular body.

“That shit doesn’t impress me.” She blew up one day after he continued to follow her around after she put the children to bed for a nap.

“So she does speak.” He joked.

“I do. I was trying to be nice to you but here it is plain and simple—I am not looking for a man. I pay my own bills, I’m a full time student, and I really can’t deal with anyone that is trying to fuck me every other night and play disappearing acts.” It was true. Trenton didn’t want a relationship and why would he when he was fuckin’ for cash bonuses and living the luxurious life in a large home he owned at the age of 28.

“You don’t know my intentions black woman.” He spoke.

“Black woman? I know you aren’t trying to put the fact that I have an opinion and a voice on me being an ‘angry black woman’.”

“It was a joke.” He replied seeing that she really wasn’t interested. “Let’s just talk on the phone and if you start to like me then I will take you on a date.” He tried one last time. Zhané declined again before walking away. After the first encounter and failing, Trenton made it his goal to romance her until she was his. It was damn near stalking of her employment before she decided to allow him to pursue her. It took four months before he would finally bed her; This time she controlled the situation demanding delicate strokes and amazing foreplay something Trenton wasn’t used to but enjoyed. As both of them lay in bed he pieced together that those four long months waiting to destroy her walls as he planned from day one meant nothing to what his heart felt.

Now here they were; one large house, two incomes, and one mother-to-be. He searched his house to find the mother of his child in their king size bed resting from cleaning the home spotless and cooking her man dinner. He walked into the bathroom to find a lukewarm bath drawn with his favorite silk pajamas and body wash on the counter ready for him. He thanked God for his woman; he never felt bad about dogging her when he was knee deep in another woman, but when he came home and it hit him hard the guilt killed him. He undressed himself quickly as he heard her toss and turn in the bed. He wanted to make sure to wash the day of sweat, sun, and pussy off of him before she could figure him out.  Trenton bathed himself accordingly washing all his sins away and made sure his clothes were tucked away in the hamper to avoid any questions. He hadn’t been caught and he never wanted to be caught.

“Hey baby.” Trenton climbed in bed behind his woman.

“Hey sweetheart. How was your day?” She snuggled close to her man as he palmed and rubbed her belly.

“It’s better now than it was early. Fuckin’ people always complainin’.”

“Baby, Dr. Wright called today and said you were doing great. What are you talkin’ about?” Trenton was thrown off. What was Dr. Wright doing tellin’ his girl he was doing good? He responded with a smile and kissed her.

“I’m talking about his naggin’ ass wife baby. The bitch won’t let up.”

“Don’t call her that. She just wants her house to be perfect just like you like your house spick and span for when you come home.”

“Don’t tell me what to do.”  He faked on the defense.

“I’m not about to have an argument with you. Don’t disrespect women in front of your woman especially when you are about to have a little girl.” She said before removing his hand off of his stomach. Trenton felt like he was almost caught and had to get to a new subject and so he finished his argument with his fiancée. She sat in the seat with her arms crossed anger slowly creeping over her face the more nonsense he tried to argue.

“Like seriously Trenton get the fuck out of my face.” Trenton knew that he had succeeded in pissing her off so he grabbed his coat and stormed out of the house.

“Detective Keith, he just left the house. Please follow him please.” Zhané spoke into her cellphone as she rubbed her belly.


–          BUMP OR DUMP???


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