The Way I Am: Chapter Two

The Way I am

Chapter 2: Where do I begin?

This chapter is a clear indication that the author knows herself very well and that’s enough to inspire any woman reading the book.

Reading the book in my socks and pajamas was soothing and inspiring because Melanie D. Thomas Hale is really being brutally honest about her family life and actually admitting the flaws her mother had and how she worked against those flaws to create a better future.

One of my favorite quotes for this chapter is:

Although I find fault in my being, I realize that I am a mighty individual that is not easily broken or moved by the challenges of this world. This is a world that will swallow you up if you are not prepared. i am a woman equipped with strength, courage, faith, love, and a determined spirit to succeed…

The second quote that I loved in this chapter is:

My fate and destiny have been set, and it is up to me to take it all the way to its end and to be a light at the end of the tunnel for someone else.

The last quote that stood out to me in this chapter is:

Anything worth having in this life is worth fighting for or even going through some things to get there.

Melanie makes it clear that she has gone through hell and high waters in life, but fought to change her circumstances. How many of you can say you’ve done that?

Be EMPOWERED and purchase this book guys. Until next time with another chapter of “The Way I Am” just love yourself, believe in yourself, and cling tight to God.



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