Be his woman Not his mother

Relationships are two singular individuals joining in an union trying to figure out what’s the next joy to life as a unit. It’s inevitable that as time goes on these two people will eventually start working toward a future and maybe decide to live together. Living together always brings out either positive or negative reactions in each person in the relationship. Sometimes these positives or negatives are reflective of our true nature as “boss” and “employee” or “child” and “parent” and these are problems that will eventually end the relationship.

As women, we tend to try and rule over our men if we feel they are living in our home without much help or if we feel they aren’t pulling their weight in the relationship. This concept is backwards and trivial leading the relationship down an unhealthy road. Being wrapped up in our feelings tends to lend negativity to our relationships quite often bringing nagging and complaining to the forefront of the relationship. The dynamic of the relationship then begins to alter from “girlfriend” to the “boss” of the relationship or the “mother” making demands for what better be done or what is required from the “boyfriend” or the “child” of the relationship.

Be his woman and not his mother ladies, I urge you. Step back and examine the relationship for what it is; if you think that you controlling his every move and decision is healthy you have another thing coming. This will create resentment in the relationship and as much as you think it will solve the maturity, financial, and regular obligations that is lacking— it will not. Men are natural providers, protectors, and pro claimers of life in general; a woman that is supposed to be his isn’t a woman that tells him what to do as in demanding him around as if he is fifteen years old again.

Real women that impact a man’s life are women who are so in tune with self that they inspire change in their men. They do not press small issues, but alert intellectually how to fix the issues as a substantial part of the union. Real women understand a man’s plight, but also understands where she is and how to accomplish her goals without that man. Instead of forcing the man that you are with leave the situation if the situation is not what you want.

Remember that when you enter a relationship it’s not about who is in charge, but how to work cohesively as a unit. Like what you read here? SUBSCRIBE at the top of the page and follow me on Twitter.  


4 thoughts on “Be his woman Not his mother

  1. Great post. I spent all morning arguing with my partner over about $100. We’ve recently moved in together and it’s been good so far but he is spend-thrift and not responsible. He also tries to act like my ‘father’ sometimes and witholds things like allowing me to use his car, but then demanding that I share the cost for new tyres. We’ve been dating 2 years.

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