Healthy Starts

Working out is never easy and I absolutely HATE it! However, I am on my way to working it out even though I slack off every week. I think that that counts for something especially when I could be napping, eating, talking on the phone, tweeting, or something less productive. I want to share my day with you to let you know how I decided to be fit for my 23rd birthday which isn’t until January 19.

I planned on drinking protein shakes and things during the day and at dinner time eating a healthy, hearty, and protein filled meal. I eat high protein meals all the time and I watch my sodium and fat intake. I don’t really count calories, but if you like too I support it. I don’t always get my workout in but when I do, I gets it in. So I have a challenge for you as well as for me to check in Monday and Friday with fitness and workout updates.

Let’s weigh in every month that way you don’t feel so much pressure to lose every week. Remember that working out and getting healthy are only for you and nobody else. It’s not about being “skinny” or “good looking” it’s about being the best you that you can possibly be.


Today, I worked out for an hour and almost died doing so. Here’s a list of the things I did today:

30 minutes of mid length mid intensity dance Zumba

2 x 10 bicep curls

2 x 10 front arm raises

2 x 10 side arm raises

2 x 10 exercising the triceps and trapeziums

7 x 20 crunches (top, bottom, and side abs)

2 x 20 leg lifts.

This is a full body workout for anyone who has an hour, busy, and at home after work. Tomorrow, I will be doing a cardio, arm, and stomach dedicated workout. Please wish me luck as I will be ripping and running tomorrow. I wish you all luck. Be on the lookout for photos, videos and anything that will help keep YOU motivated as you keep ME motivated for this sexy birthday I have coming up.



2 thoughts on “Healthy Starts

  1. JJ – I like the fact that you are self-motivated… WTG. I’m going to join you in the new year… guess I could start tomorrow, but just too much on my to do list… Smooches!

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