Are YOU in a relationship by yourself?

Relationships begin with two individuals that offered up time and grew into friends then lovers. As the relationship continues to grow, couples fall in love and start to understand their mate perfectly. But what the heck happens when one person is all about self and not about being in a relationship and you are the one stuck at home with future plans and nobody to share it with? There are signs for relationships that aren’t moving in synchronization and these signs are usually ignored, but I am here to let you in on a secret: you don’t have to be in your relationship alone.

  1. Never discussing the future. There comes a time in a relationship when two people have to discuss what’s next for this relationship. You will definitely know for a fact that the person you are with doesn’t have plans for the two of you if they are never willing to discuss the next move. The next move doesn’t have to be engagement either; it can be something as simple as where the two of you are spending the next big holiday. It can be as simple as your lease is up should you stay or are the two of you close enough to move in together. If you can’t get these answers or this discussion—it’s likely you are in it alone.
  2.  The only person trying or fighting to keep the relationship. Nobody has ever said relationships were easy. People fuss and they fight all the time, but are you the only fighting representative in the relationship? If so, you are by yourself. The problem with couples with one person that doesn’t care is one person sincerely cares! A relationship cannot survive a bad time with only one person trying to get to counseling, trying to change their act, or fighting to return the romance. It just doesn’t work that way. If this is you, fighting and trying alone—you are alone.
  3. Always feeling alone when they are around. Let me say this, when you are with the person that is supposed to make your heart swell you shouldn’t feel alone. You should feel content I would even be fine with you having an attitude with them, but to feel completely alone sitting beside the one you say you love is unacceptable. We all go through periods of depression, but if you aren’t happy and the one you love isn’t helping you cope then what’s the point of having that person around?

These are three signs that will help you figure out if you are in a relationship alone. To be completely harsh and be the voice of your best friend: Please invest in self and leave the one you’re with for the one you were with first: Y-O-U! Anybody can be in a relationship with no work, no future, and no love, but it takes a strong person to walk away from the situation and focus on loving yourself.  Completely cover yourself with what you want out of life and after the healing takes place there will be a person standing in front of you with the same intentions you have.


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