5 Must-Have’s for the New Year with Celeb Stylist Glamo

Photo credit: Ricky Day

Photo credit: Ricky Day

The year of 2013 needs to be a year to step out and step it up—fashion wise. Glamo, stylist for such celebrities as Angela and Vanessa Simmons and actress Sheryl Lee Ralph, knows exactly what to rock and what not to rock for the New Year. I had a chance to sit back and talk with Glamo about what you need for this exciting upcoming year.

  Jas: What are five must haves for women in the New Year?

Glamo: Oh my God, I’m so mad that you are limiting me to only five, but we can do this Ladies, it’s really simple one of the trends that has carried over that I absolutely love is leather. Everybody is doing something with leather and this is not your grandmother’s leather of the past, or just something that you will think be hot and sweaty when you put it on, because a lot of designers are using different applications. I feel like every woman needs a leather top, a blazer, a skirt, etc. you need it. Also, another piece that I’m really into for the New Year is peplum; peplum is going long, hard, and strong right now. It hides a multitude of things just like ruching, it flatters a woman’s body, and I feel like it’s something you should absolutely have. I don’t think that it just confines you to just your size, a small girl can wear peplum; a larger girl can wear peplum and either way it’s going to come across as uber, uber sexy. Another trend that I think that is really, really important is this burnt orange. We are seeing a great influx of orange and designers like Michael Kors and other designers are using just bold oranges. Also, another trend that is catching and moving is the trend of the polka dot. Polka dots are just a great statement in itself. I don’t think you can wear polka dots and be missed. Let me see what else I want to see my women in for the New Year—oh, Ox Blood. Ox Blood is a new color pallet like Merlot, burgundy, or wine color. Ox blood to me signifies a rich decadent; I feel like all skin tones can get away with wearing Ox Blood that I think is going to carry over into the New Year. You can dress it up or dress it down; it can be a sweater or a nice dress. Those are my trends that you can find now and like I said I have seen them all on the spring runway.

Jas: What are the five must have for men in the New Year?

Glamo:  Oh my Gosh, I don’t usually dress a lot of guys so let me think about my personal style. Again, I think that burnt orange is a great carry over to the guys. It’s masculine as well as feminine. Guys are also starting to play in animal print now like leopard print sneakers. It’s a good eye catchy piece. Another trend for the guy, believe it or not guys are dabbing into leather pants. I’m not talking about those Eddie Murphy “Raw” pants or the super tight leather pants, but guys and leather pants are making a statement. I think it’s a good one. Also, for the guys polka dots and the little details. If you can take a trend that is really big for women and make it masculine; it is on trend and on the runway. I think a lot of guys are stepping out into the fur embellishment realm and I think it’s sexy. Don’t be afraid to put on a little bit of fur guys.

Jas: Are their affordable alternatives for these must haves? If so, where can the readers find them?

Glamo: If you subscribe to my newsletter which is called the Simply Glamo Diary. In my newsletter, I give you the runway look and I give you the simply yours section and in the simply yours section is where you can find all these trends at an affordable price point. Like every trend that I’ve given you I’ve used in my newsletter because I’m absolutely in love with it so I’m not just preaching this for the interview but something I’ve been preaching all season. Everywhere from TopShop to Forever 21 to H&M to Kohl’s; you can find these trends at a nice and affordable price. The quality is still good and it’s wearable. You don’t have to think high end; every designer is doing a diffused line for those customers that can’t shop on Madison Ave or in Buckhead or where ever you are. You can go to these great chain stores to find these things and it’s good stuff.

Jas: What are some tips for women to stay stylish and affordable in the New Year?

Glamo: My whole thing for any consumer is that you need to identify with the brand. You need to know what it is that works for you. You need to know where to shop that has the things that you like. Don’t feel bad to have a “run to” shop… at least you know they will have what you are looking for. These chain stores have really stepped their game up for consumers that can’t afford the higher end stores. I would say go to the chain stores; I promise I swear by H&M because they have what it is you want. It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or girl. Go to Forever 21 or TopShop or Urban Outfitters because these are places I run into if I need something because they’ll have everything on trend there. These stores house a men’s and women’s store and that’s the great part about it. You can bring your beau or your lady and go your separate ways. It’s not that frustrating moment anymore and say “honey charge it!”

There you have it love bugs, Glamo giving insight on the Must Haves for the New Year and where you can find it. I encourage you for 2013 to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Nobody is holding you back from being completely fashionable but self. Here are examples of the trends mentioned above. Make sure to follow the FIERCE Glahttp://www.twitter.com/simplyglamomo on Twitter and visit his wehttp://www.simplyglamo.combsite.

Here are some of the items Glamo suggested:

Peplum Wonderland

Peplum Wonderland

Be sure to step it up with Peplum! This dress can be and glammed up!

Polka dots are always in!

Polka dots are always in!

Polka Dots are always in and can be accessorized easily. Step out of your comfort zone.

Like Glamo said Be Bold in Burnt Orange

Like Glamo said Be Bold in Burnt Orange

Take your look a step further with leather skirts.

Take your look a step further with leather skirts.

Leather skirts can turn your plain outfit into something sexy!

The color pallet to die for!

Fur fashions!

Fur fashions!

These animal print loafers are daring and men are rockin’ them!
Animal print loafers


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