New Year, New You!


Being healthy is a lifetime job and it’s not an easy job. There are so many times when people want to give up with their fitness goals because of time constraint, laziness, or financial situation but for 2013 I am calling you out! No more couch potatoes, excuses about not having a workout partner, or  just giving in to laziness and no more New Year’s resolution.

Starting tomorrow let’s start out with a healthier mindset and lifestyle. Personally, I am on an all chicken, all fish, veggies, and fruit regimen for the entire month of January. For workout times, I am starting Shaun T’s Insanity DVD. It’ll be one of the hardest regimens to begin again, but I lost 20 pounds with that workout series.

Remember working out requires a strong will to be healthy and a  strong support team so go and find you people who want the same results you do for you and that way you will never have to feel alone in the process of getting and remaining healthy.

Tomorrow, January 1, 2013, will be the day to start a new chapter in your life called healthy living and getting your sexy back! I am kicking off this new chapter labeling it ‘FIERCE AND FIT.’ Make sure to read the blog for updates and tips with my fitness and other fitness professionals. Be sure to comment and post your results in the comment boxes. WE ARE A FAMILY so let’s start supporting one another. Let me tell you this, when you see the first 20 pounds fall off you will love the new you and train harder.


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