Trap Star’s Girlfriend S8

Recap: His mind wandered as she opened his legs wide after finishing his massage and licked his balls over and over until he yanked her up and pressed his lips to hers…

Part 8: Day 3 & After

“Is this really your new bitch?” Octavia stood facing Lauren. Her hair was blonde and touching the top of her round ass. Her nails were long and black and her dress hugged her curls nice. Everything about Tank’s ex made him remember why he fucked with her and why he couldn’t fuck with her anymore.

“Watch your muthafuckin’ mouth Octavia.” Tank stepped in before Lauren could say anything.

“Is this really the bitch everybody been talkin’ bout? Like seriously dawg?” Octavia was a character. All bark with no bite at all from what Tank could remember. Tank watched Lauren to see her reaction, but she appeared calm.

“Yo shut the fuck up.” Tank patience begin to wear and quickly.

“They said the bitch was this pretty bitch, ole light skin, school bitch.” Olivia ran her lips faster staring Lauren down. Tank started to open his mouth again, but Lauren stepped up.

“Look sweetheart I don’t know you and whatever everybody is saying is just that. There is no competition and there is no beef. I would just respect you a little more if you would stop callin’ me out of my name.” Octavia hadn’t expected for Lauren to actually speak up, but was glad she did.

“Bitch shut up I’m talkin’ to my nigga.” Lauren laughed it off.

“Come shut me up you raggedy bitch.” Lauren balled up her fist. Her hair was in a high bun and she was dressed to kill. Her hoop earrings accentuated the entire look she was going for, but with all the glitz and glamour of her style it didn’t stop her from getting ready to fight Octavia. Tank was impressed with the way Lauren handled herself.

“You ain’t said nothin’ but a word bitch.” Octavia stood facing Lauren talking and yelling in her face. Lauren opened her hand and palmed Octavia out of her face.

“Bitch, be quiet.” Lauren spit. “You ready?” She looked over at Tank.

“Yeah.” The pair started walking away. Lauren could hear Octavia yelling curse words to her back and waited for Tank to unlock the doors. Both Lauren and Tank looked at each other as Octavia continued yelling out slurs and curses.

“It’s not over bitch. You put your hands on the wrong bitch.” Octavia said before Lauren ignored her and sat in her seat. Tank revved the car and the two drove away in silent.

Lauren sat in the car text messaging all her friends about what happened. She looked over at Tank looking at the vex look on his face. She could tell that he was tired of all the bullshit that seemed to pop up with them being together. Everything seemed to take place while they were together. She had decided that it was best to go their separate ways as a couple and as people.  Tears streamed down her eyes and Tank looked over at me.

“You okay?” He asked.

“I can’t do this Tank. I really don’t have a problem with you selling drugs. I don’t have a problem with you running shit, but I do have a problem with every time we are together it’s an issue. There are people coming for me and I don’t know these people.” Lauren wiped her tears after she said her peace.

“I understand. This shit has been crazy and I apologize for Olivia and everything up until now. I don’t think that you should give up on us.”

“I have made up my mind. Please drop me off.” Lauren sat in the car silently until she reached her dorm, pecked his lips, and walked away from the situation with tears. She crawled into her bed with a book and hallway through the third page tears fell out of her eyes as she thought about Tank and the issues that had followed her and knew she had to stay away from him.

Tank couldn’t even be mad his situation had gone from no drama to full of drama. Regardless of how he felt about the situation Lauren had to do what was best for Lauren.  He pulled the blunt from behind his ear and lit it as he drove down Moreland Ave. He inhaled the smoke through his nose and exhaled it releasing his cares; the more he puffed the blunt the lighter his load felt. Even high his thoughts were surrounded about Lauren and he hated it.

“Yo, I heard Lauren turnt up on Octavia.” Breeze mentioned as soon as Tank walked up.

“Yeah, mushed the bitch and everything.” He slowly stated.

“Where is Li’l Lauren now?” Breezed asked.

“She left me.” Tank looked at him then pulled a port out and slowly smoked as Breeze tried to give him a speak about the bitches in his life and how he should’ve put that bitch Olivia in check.

“My nigga let’s get this shit straight don’t overstep your boundaries all I need to hear is about that check you got for me.” Breeze handed Tank the envelope.

“I’m tellin’ you the mufuckin truth. Lauren is a good woman with no drama don’t fuck this up.” He walked away before Tank could defend himself against the truth.


It had been three weeks since Tank and Lauren had had any contact. Their routines were back to normal with a minor change in club hopping with the girls. She avoided every upscale club in the Atlanta are just trying to properly avoid her ex. Tank continued marketing his product all over Atlanta, leaving the state for business, and focusing on his future. He threw himself into anything to keep him busy and anything to make him forget about Lauren.

“Come outside! I’m here. Hurry up, it’s cold and I want to get back to sleep.” Lauren was behind the steering wheel of her car at three in the morning and upset at her girls for being too drunk to drive home.

“WE COMIN’!” Lauren looked out the window for her girls and noticed Olivia walking out with two other girls. She hadn’t noticed Lauren at all until Lisa, one of Lauren’s friends called out her name.

“Heyyyyy Lauren.” She hollered across the parking lot and waved. Olivia looked back and both Lauren and Octavia looked at each other briefly. Olivia smiled at her then blew her a kiss but Lauren ignored her. Lauren had on some sweats, Polo boots, and a hoody with a silk scarf on her hair; she wasn’t in the mood for drama this early. As Lauren’s girls made their way to the car so did Olivia and her girls.

“Who are you bitches?” Lisa asked Olivia.

“Olivia bitch. Damn are you Lauren’s security?” Olivia responded.  Lauren jumped out of her car a little more aware of the situation and posted up. Somehow she knew that this meeting was going to stir up some trouble between them.

“What’s up Olivia? What you want? It’s too early in the morning for this shit and I’m not even fuckin’ with Tank anymore.” Lauren said calmly.

“It’s not about that pussy ass nigga ho; it’s bout you mushin’ and disrespectin’ me.” Olivia walked closer to Lauren. Lauren hated her personal space invaded and as soon as Olivia was close enough, Lauren drew her right fist back and smashed Olivia in her right eye as hard as she possibly could. Following the right fist Lauren quickly attacked and succeeded a fist on the left side of Olivia’s face. Olivia began swinging wildly before the thunder shouted and the rain began to fall. The brawl between Olivia and Lauren was being watched by all the parties around until Olivia’s cousin Shon jumped in. Shon and Olivia got Lauren on the ground before, Lauren kicked Olivia in her stomach and Lisa completely jumped onto Shon. Every girl that was with either Olivia or Lauren was fighting; fighting for their girl and their representation. The college girls versus’ the hoes and no one quite knew how it would in until Atlanta PD pulled up and arrest every girl in the circle. Lauren had never had a charge, but tonight she would be behind bars behind Tank’s ex-girlfriend.

I can’t believe this shit Lauren thought as she sat in the backseat of the police car. She held her tears in and sat in the back with her two friends and closed her eyes on the ride to the jail.

“Tank, Olivia and Lauren got to fighting and they both locked up in Fulton.” One of his boys told him.

“When did all this happen?”

“This morning.” He waited for the word to post bond and headed to the jail to get Lauren. She had been pacing the holding cell looking at all the weirdos looking at her. Olivia sat in the same holidng cell clearly the loser of the fight.

“Lauren Conley,” The security guard called her name. She walked to the gate as it opened. “You’re going home.” He finished.  After paper work and retrieving her things Tank stood there with his dreads cascading over his shoulders and his smiled but her face remained sullen.

“What are you doing here?” She asked.







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  1. Bump, bump, bump, Jas! Keep them coming! Will Lauren stand her ground or breakdown and go back! Oh, the decisions, in life, that we must make & deal with the good & bad repercussions.

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