Homie. Lover. Friend

Don’t you just love to see a couple that’s laughing and joking with each other all the time? It just feels right when you see two people so in tune with each other because there are so many negative representations about relationships. Let me explain the meaning of homie-lover-friend: It’s a person that is your best friend; the two of you share intimate things and actually enjoy being around each other. It’s a person that sexually satisfies your needs and gives you what you need. Some use the term as intimate cut buddies, but I prefer to address real relationships with this title because it’s everything that a happy relationship needs.

For those who are having issues in your relationship figure out if you have a homie-lover-friend and that will be your first step to changing the situation you are currently in. It’s not hard to figure out either; do you guys laugh with each other more than you fight? Can you tell your partner any and everything if you so choose? Do you completely trust your partner? These questions will separate you from the “HLF-ers” and your relationship.

If you find yourself looking for someone to be your “HLF” look for individuals that you can easily confide in, someone that makes your insides burst into flames of excitement when you text message, see, or speak with them. You have to understand that your “HLF” could be a person that you already know and already have a connection with, but refused to be with. It has happened to me before and we stayed together for more than a year before separating so I know how it is to have an element of surprise in a friend you never thought of like that.

Take in account that “HLF-ers” will take you to fabulous places in the Atlanta area like Andretti’s for fun go-kart racing and all the fun activities that is there. They will listen to what you say you love and make it a priority to make you smile. Make sure to visit Dosser Works Paint Ball for another date that will be worth the fun and will separate the “boring” couples from the “HLF-ers”.

Now these “HLF-ers” aren’t supernatural people they just respect their lover and want to make them happy. Being so close permits for intense fights like every other relationship, but when you’re truly someone’s best friend the making up is usually so much more intense than any disagreement (wink, wink).

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This article was first published in Examiner.com


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