Indie Artist Spotlight: Ronnie Hustle

ronnie hRonnie Hustle is taking over the streets of Atlanta; flyer than any indie rapper I’ve had the pleasure to talk to with dope lyrics and a great personality everyone check out Mr. Ronnie Hustle. He sat down and talked with Pardon My Audacity about what makes him who he is.

 Jas: Tell the readers a little bit about yourself.

RH: My name is Ronnie Hustle. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I lived in Port Charlotte Florida, and Houston, Texas for a while. I currently reside on the east side of Atlanta. I’ve seen many walks of life and slept with many woman so seen I’ve seen my share of bullshit. Since an adolescent I’ve always loved music, but didn’t quite care about lyricism just the beats. As I grew older I’ve grown to respect lyrics along with an artists flow.

 Jas: What inspired you to become an artist?

RH: I would say the radio and overall media inspired me to become an artist. All you see on BET, MTV and even VH1 is a bunch of style-less lames that were hand selected to produce bullsh*t. Radio wise you hear nothing, but bullsh*t 24/7. Don’t you feel it’s time for a change I mean sh*t we have a black president right?!

 Jas: What do you want to see your career go from now to the future?

RH: Career wise I would love to see nothing, but progression from in the booth to the bank account with fans from the slums of New York to the traps in Atlanta.

Jas: What motivates you to make the music you make?

RH: Well, the booth seemed to be the best way to unleash this rage of mine. But actually, I’ve always had the dream to be an artist, sh*t I already lived the life of a rapper ten times over. From the women to weed, gangbanging and drug slanging you name it. But mainly family and friends keep me motivated through it all. And also hoping that one day the likes of Trinidad James and other artist just like him won’t be allowed anywhere near a booth or the radio that alone would motivate a mute to speak.

Jas: People claim that “hip hop is dead” what do you think of that statement?

RH: That statement is somewhat true in a way, but I wouldn’t say it’s dead but in a coma waiting for that right person to whisper in its ear to wake it up.

extra pic

Jas: How would you describe your brand?

RH: How would I describe my brand, hmm, well to be honest I can’t. From the energy I bring to the lyrics and production sh*t even how I dress is just indescribable. Don’t believe me just take a look the brand will speak for itself.

Jas: In a sea full of artist, what makes you stand out?

RH: What makes me stand out I mean sh*t just look at me listen to my music. Look at my style if that alone doesn’t make me stand out you must either be blind, can’t hear, or just plain old dumb real sh*t. If you can do any of the three things listed you would see why I stand out.

Jas: Where can readers find you?

RH: You can find me on Facebook at Ronnie Hustle. You can follow me on Twitter at R_hustle and also on Instagram @DatNiggaCanDress. Shoutout to Triple Crown Royalty that was the group I was with first and I couldn’t do this interview without shouting them out. But my music can be found on Sound Cloud at RonaldKingsleyDa3rd.

Ronne H Logo

Ronnie Hustle has a confidence you haven’t seen in a long time and is bold enough to say that there is not any artist out there quite like them. His musical style reminds me of old up north rappers with incredible swagger and style. Here is ‘Hallelujah’:



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